Our 4D Scan 26 Weeks Premier Scans Lichfield

In case you didn’t know, we are expecting baby number 3, we are having a little girl due 29th November. Today we went for a 4D scan at Premier Scans in Lichfield. I have never had one before as quite honestly the idea of them freaks me out a little. However as this is our last baby we decided to go for it. I’m so glad I got to experience one, they are so special not just because you get a glimpse of your gorgeous little baby but to be able to see them in 3D moving about on-screen is amazing.

A lot of this little ones features resemble Ava’s when she was born, it will be exciting to see just how much they look like each other when she arrives. In Ava’s scans and still to this day she sleeps with her hands near face, just like this baby, they are also just as wriggly as each other. Look out world if both their personalities are the same!

We decided to take Jack and Ava along to the scan. Jack in typical teenage fashion was not fussed by it at all but Ava was shouting baby at the screen then coming and poking my belly, so cute!

Baby is measuring a little on the small side but this does not concern me too much. Both Ava and Jack were under 7lb I generally just carry small babies. I do have a couple of growth scans booked in at the hospital so they will asses her size closer to the time.

The scan itself cost £99 for 30 mins scanning time, 2 physical pictures, a disc with all the pictures on and a DVD of the whole scan. It is quite a lot of money I know, however as a special little keepsake it was well worth. Plus this was an early 30th birthday present off my very lovely hubby.

Here’s a few pictures from our 4D scan

4D scan

How do you feel about 4d scans? Did you have one or do you wish you had?

Amy x


I love Instagram, I’ts by far my favourite social media platform. I’ve met some genuinely lovely people on there (or so I thought) I love seeing snippets of people’s lives and connecting with so many other moms. It has introduced me to a world mummy bloggers and you-tubers that I didn’t know existed and gave me the confidence to set up my own blog and YouTube channel.

Now I’m not stupid, I know Instagram is not real life and we only see what people want us to see, I myself try to be as real as I can be, but even so, you are probably never going to see my make-up free face (scary stuff) and there are certain parts of my house I would never post photos of (nobody wants to see a mouldy bathroom, it’s a work in progress!) but I’d like to think the person I portray on here is the person you’d get in real life, although I’m a lot more awkward and shy in reality and definitely more sweary.

My profile is public, I blog and vlog parts of our lives as a hobby currently but obviously at some point I am going to think about how I can earn money from it, it’s essentially a little side job for me to earn some pocket-money, I’m not fame hungry, I’m not going to buy fans or sell myself out for the sake of, I’m not hooked on the number of followers i have, obviously to grow my blog, followers are important, but finding like-minded people who I can connect with and are genuinely interested in what I post in those little squares is much more important than a number.

Recently I have been shocked to see the extent at which some people will go to be liked and to get followers, how does the idea of being Insta-famous cloud your judgement so much. A truly horrific case has been bought to light and it really makes you re asses how healthy social media is for our mental health, for our children’s mental health, if people feel the need to be so adored by complete strangers that they are willing to live a lie, what affect is the number game really having on us? what example are we setting to our children?

It’s definitely reiterated the fact that Instagram can be an absolute sham and that for every genuine person on there, there’s a billy bullshit posting crap too, unfortunately it’s getting increasingly hard to tell who’s who!

You just never  know whats really going on behind those squares do you…

Thanks for reading, and to all the genuine people out there, I bloody love you

Amy xx




Mothers Day Without A Mother

As Mother’s Day approaches each year, the sadness,the bitterness,the loneliness  I feel really kicks up a notch and I can’t help but feel resentful every time I see mothers and daughters out together for the day, I’m sad that those days were taken away from me.

This may sound like I’ve lost my mom and I have, my Mom is not dead though, she just chose not to be in my life, my 16th birthday was the last time I spoke to her, the day my life changed forever and she kicked me out on the streets and told me she didn’t want to see me again, at the time I was glad, scared of what my future would hold but I was happy to be free from her. For years me and my dad suffered both mental and physical abuse from her, she is a truly horrible person and I will never understand why she treated us so badly. She has seen us in passing and doesn’t even give us a second glance, not a care in the world for her daughter or grandchildren.

It doesn’t really bother me that she’s not in our lives, but I can’t help feeling like I’ve been robbed of something special. That mother/daughter bond that I see so many of you have. My mother was not there to help choose my wedding dress, watch me get married or be there when I gave birth, I don’t get to organise spa days or afternoon teas, book girly shopping trips, pick out the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or simply just ring her for advice. I do buy things for my lovely mother-in-law  but it’s just not the same, she’s not my mother, she’s someone else’s.

I would never treat my children the way I was treated, I just don’t know how anyone could. They will always know how much I love them and I look forward to the mothers days when they can take me out and I can finally have that mother/daughter bond with my daughter that I never had chance to have.

I’m sorry if this is a tough read for anyone, the real story is a hell of a lot worse and I’m not sure I will ever be able to share it but I just wanted to get a bit off my chest and explain why my mother is never spoke about.





Thanks for reading

Love Amy xx


So yesterday I decided to dip my toes into the rather scary waters of YouTube eeeekkk! It’s possibly the most awkward thing you will ever see but, hey everyone’s gotta start somewhere right?

I love watching YouTube so I thought I’d give it a go, it’s seems the next step on from my blog and I feel like hauls, reviews etc. will be better as a video rather than a blog post.

I’m hoping to post twice a week, I’m not sure on set days yet or even what my next video will be but I’m excited for the future.

If you are on YouTube please click subscribe (it’s free to do so) I would be extremely grateful.

Soooo here it is, please be nice!




My Top 5 Go To Toddler Breakfasts

These are my go to breakfasts for Ava who has just turned one, she does baby led weaning so she feeds herself everything other than weetabix and porridge, I’m not brave enough to let her loose with that yet! She always has some fruit with her breakfast and a 5oz bottle of soya growing up milk.


Ava usually has shreddies,cheerios,bitesize shredded wheat or Weetabix with whole milk. This is my go to breakfast on a weekday, other than the Weetabix, I just give Ava the bowl and she tucks in. I offer her a spoon but we are still at the ‘hands are quicker’ stage.


Scrambled,hard boiled or omelette. We like to have eggs at the weekend and Ava loves them too, she hasn’t had dippy eggs yet though, when we have them she has toast fingers and a hard boiled egg.

Banana and Peanut Butter

I saw this on Instagram, it’s such a good idea and I’m actually a little jealous when she has this. I give Ava this on it’s own as a snack or add a handful of cheerios for a super quick breakfast. I use whole earth or Meridian peanut butter as it’s made from 100% peanuts and spoons on to the banana slices easier than other peanut butter.


Who doesn’t love pancakes for breakfast, especially with some fresh fruit (and some maple syrup for me)

Overnight Oats

I love overnight oats and they are a staple breakfast on slimming world, I’ve been having them a lot recently so I thought I’d pop some in a mini jar for Ava. There are plenty of recipes online for these, if you are unfamiliar with them, they are basically porridge oats soaked overnight in yoghurt, usually with some fruit.

Let me know if you have any other go to breakfasts

Thanks for reading

Love Amy xx