Lazy Sundays – The ordinary moments

Lazy Sundays do not occur very often in our house. I like to spend Sundays visiting places and I often feel like spending a family day indoors is a waste of a day. However jobs around the house could not be put off any longer, we were staying in. I decided to make the most of our lazy day with a film and homemade cakes (after I had stopped being a grump about staying in)

Lazy Sundays, sofa snuggles and a movie

Is there a better way to spend a day indoors than under a blanket watching a Disney film? Not in my eyes there isn’t. We chose to watch Moana as non of us had seen it yet. Ava isn’t one for sitting still watching films but I was pleasantly surprised, we probably got a good half and hour out of her which is better than the usual 30 seconds. Ava loves having Jack around, not sure Jack loves being forced to play with in the night garden toys though!

Lazy Sundays

 Lazy Sunday

 Ava’s first cakes

In my head the idea of spending Sundays baking with my children is dreamy. In reality the thought sends shivers down my spine. I can be a massive control freak when it comes to letting the kids make something on their own, the thought of them not doing something right or making a mess gets me all twitchy and when baking with Jack in the past I have often taken over and not let him do anything. It’s awful I know and I don’t want to be like that. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of baking cakes and biscuits and I want my children to have the same memories.


 Lazy Sundays


 Not today Satan, I’m baking with my daughter

I bit the bullet and decided we would make Peppa Pig cakes. The mix had been sitting in the cupboard for ages. I let Ava lay out the cake cases and we all took turns to whisk the cake mixture. It went surprisingly well and Ava only stuck cake batter in my hair once or twice! The cakes turned out pretty good, thankfully we had enough chocolate icing left to decorate them after Ava decided it needed sampling…multiple times.

Lazy Sundays

I’m never going to be the kind of girl who enjoys staying in but I reckon we can factor in a few lazy Sundays, especially if there are cakes involved.

How do you spend your lazy Sundays?

Amy x


The Ordinary Moments

10 Things That Make Me Happy

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I was tagged by the lovely Alana from Burnishedchaos to do the 10 things that make me happy tag, you can read her post here. I have a tendency to let things get on top of me so I thought this was a lovely post to do to concentrate on everything that makes me happy.

10 things that make me happy…

1. Family

They may drive me crazy at times but they never fail to put a smile on my face each and everyday. They really do make me the happiest person alive and I love spending time with them and going on adventures.

2. Fooooood

Yes it’s not the healthiest thing to say, but food will forever make me happy (and fat) I love eating out, going to food festivals and trying new foods. As well as eating food, I absolutely love cooking, I don’t cook as much as I used to thanks to my 1-year-old but I always feel good when I get the chance to work my magic in the kitchen. I also own an obscene amount of cooking books and recipes ripped from magazines.

3. Visiting Wales

I’ve been going to Wales every year of my life and even though it rains every time it brings back so many happy childhood memories and new ones I’ve been creating with my own little family.

4. Baby kicks

I have always found baby kicks to be such a bizarre feeling. But knowing that this little one is safe and well kicking the crap out of my insides makes me feel very grateful.

5. Animals

I could be in the worst mood ever but put a cute baby animal or a cat video in front of me and I will melt, complete with teary eyes and inaudible squeaks.

6. Shopping

I’m a complete shopaholic, I just love browsing shops and buying ALL the baby clothes!

7.  photography

I love taking photographs and looking through them, there’s something so special about capturing beautiful moments and being able to cherish them for years to come. I’ve recently started vlogging on my YouTube channel, being able to watch our little videos back is amazing

8. Music

Music makes me incredibly happy, there’s not a day goes by that I don’t listen to music. It instantly lifts my mood, Ava is turning into a real music lover too, we often have a little dance around the house together.

9. Christmas

Christmas is my most favouritest time of the year, l love everything about it, the run up to it, the displays in shops and seeing everyone’s faces on Christmas day makes me so happy.

10. Me time

A bath, lush bathbomb, face mask, YouTube, no children shouting mummy every 5 seconds…..bliss!

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Amy x






Currently loving July Favourites 2017 Home, Beauty, Clothing, TV and Baby

I’ve never done a favourites post but I love watching/reading other people’s so I thought I would join in this month and share what I am currently loving. I’ve tried to include a mixture of items including home, beauty and toddler buys.

Currently Loving – July favourites

 For The Home

Lenor inspired by nature – Shea Butter  


This stuff smells amazing! previously I had been using the pink one (silk tree blossom) since they were launched, but this month I decided to be a bit crazy and try a new scent, I know I know I’m living life on the edge here aren’t I?! Anyway as someone who is not a fan of change, I was pleasantly surprised, this is now my new favourite. It is available at most supermarkets and is usually on offer in at least one of them for £2. Disclaimer – I can’t promise upon using this that you wont bury your face in your clothes every now and again because it smells so damn good, OK maybe that’s just me, I blame pregnancy!


Aldi Lacura exfoliating mud mask

I picked this up after hearing it was a dupe for the GlamGlow youth mud, which I have never tried thanks to the out of my budget price tag, however I had heard very good things about. The Aldi one costs £6.99 and was one of the special buys last week so some stores may still have some left. I love how fresh this stuff smells and it makes your face tingle when it’s on, I like to feel like a facemask is actually doing something and my face is so soft after removing it. You don’t need much product to get an even layer either, making it great value for money.


Wilde like me – Louise Pentland

I wasn’t sure whether to include this as I haven’t actually had chance to read it yet. I am a big fan of Louise’s YouTube channel so I’m really looking forward to reading this. All the reviews for it are really good too. Now I just need to find a few hours to myself, wish me luck.


Love Island

I couldn’t do a July favourites without including Love Island. I had never seen it until this year and I’m ashamed to say I became completely addicted to it. Now its finished I genuinely don’t know what to do with life at 9pm, most days I’ve gone to bed!


For those that couldn’t give a crap about love island, we have also been watching Power on Netflix. The first 3 seasons are on there in a full and the fourth has a new episode aired every Monday. It’s such a good show, not one to watch with the kids around though, it’s a bit sweary and there’s a lot of sex. Aside from seeing somebody else’s bits more times than your own, it’s a really good show.


Next Ochre Floral Dress £12

Currently loving july favourites

I included this dress in my Toddler Girls Autumn Clothing Wishlist It’s such a beautiful dress and a great price too. I initially thought it would be a cotton dress but it’s actually a super soft jersey material. great for toddlers that are always on the move, plus you could probably get away with not ironing it – bonus!

Lace Back Top £20

Currently loving july favourites

Since having Ava buying clothes for myself never happens but after realising I needed to Feel like me again I decided to have a mooch around next and try a few things on. Clothes buying is not easy with a growing bump and I don’t really want to buy maternity clothes if I don’t have too. This top is slouchy and long enough to accommodate the bump and still be worn once little one is here. I love the lace back detail and that fact that it can be dressed up or down.

What Ava’s currently loving

This month we have started letting ava watch in the night garden after her bath and she absolutely loves it. Ava isn’t one to sit and watch a program, even Peppa only gets half watched so to see her really enjoying it is lovely. I picked up this In The Night Garden Value Playset in the Argos clearance for £12.99. It’s without doubt her favourite toy at the minute and she carries the little figures round with her all day. I would have preferred the play-mat to have been made out of something other than cardboard as I cant see it lasting too long with a toddler running over it but for the price I cant argue at the quality of everything else.


What are you currently loving?




Me Time – 5 Ways To Feel Like You Again After Having Children

Once you become a mother it’s so easy to forget about yourself and not have regular me time. Your whole world now revolves around this little person and even the most determined among us can still lose a bit of ourselves along the way. Recently I haven’t been feeling myself, with looking after an energetic toddler and growing another tiny human, looking after myself has well and truly been put on the back burner and it’s starting to affect my mood. I find how I look and feel about myself generally contributes to how much motivation I have. Currently my levels are at a big fat zero and even getting dressed every day is becoming a struggle. I love to take Ava out and about and do fun activities with her but that is just not happening because quite honestly I can’t be arsed. I feel awful admitting that and so guilty that she’s not getting the stimulation she needs.

Something needs to change, I need some me time. I know I’m limited on what I can do currently due to pregnancy but there’s nothing stopping me taking better care of myself and giving myself a big kick up the backside to get out of this rut I’ve fallen in. Here’s what I intend to do to start feeling like me again.

5 ways to feel like you again and have some ‘me time’


1.) Book a trip to the hairdressers. I can’t even tell you the last time I dyed my hair or had it cut. It’s looking so straggly and dull at the minute, not to mention about 3 different colours. I know if my hair looks nice I instantly feel better and more motivated to leave the house.

2.) Have a regular pamper night complete with a lush bath bomb, face mask, moisturising and nail painting. Followed by a nice cup of tea and a read of a book or magazine, yep that makes me sound like a 90 year old but having kids will do that too you! Sitting in silence has never felt so good.

3.) Make time for relationships. It’s so easy after a long day of looking the kids to collapse in front of the TV and start scrolling away on our phones and forget to make time for anyone else. Try scheduling a monthly date night or catch up with friends. Date nights don’t even have to be outside the house, a nice meal and snuggling up on the sofa to watch a movie is all you need, plus a no phones ban!

4.) Go shopping. When was the last time you bought anything for yourself? I certainly can’t remember. I feel like I wear the same few outfits over and over again, not because I love them, purely because they are the only things that fit. I’m in serious need of a wardrobe refresh.

5.) Drink more water and eat better. I bet all of us could up our water intake and eat a more balanced diet rather than grabbing a drink only when we realise we are dying of thirst and eating kids leftovers as opposed to proper meals. When I first had Ava I lived on yoghurt and breakfast bars, not ideal when you need the energy to survive the day with small children.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first”

I have booked in to get my hair done, ordered some new bath bombs, set aside an evening for regular me time and planned out a shopping day and date night. I know all of these steps will help me start feeling a bit more like Amy rather than just Mummy, I just need to remember how important it is some take time for your self and not let old habits creep in. I’m putting my positive pants firmly on! (if I had any that were remotely positive looking that is, best add those to the shopping list)


What do you do to start feeling like yourself again?

Amy x



Carters Steam Fair Vintage Fairground Beacon Park Lichfield

I’m the kind of girl who loves a bit of nostalgia so when I heard a vintage funfair was heading to a town near ours I knew we had to go, and it did not disappoint! Carters steam fair is an authentic travelling funfair consisting entirely of rare vintage equipment started by John and Anna Carter back in 1977. There is an assortment of vintage fairground rides along with traditional fairground games and food stands. I was particularly happy to find candyfloss on a stick, Mmmm! Rides were between 4 and 5 tokens each (approx £2) which you can buy online in advance or from booths at the fair. Each ride lasts ages so you really get your money’s worth.

Fun at Carters Steam Fair

Despite Ava’s serious expression she was loving life and went on so many rides.

Carters steam fair Carters steam fair

Carters steam fair

carters steam fair

carters steam fair

carters steam fair

carters steam fair


And you can’t go to the park without having a little play can you

carters steam fair

We had such a lovely afternoon. Make sure you check out Carters Steam Fair website to see if they are heading to a town near you!

Thanks for reading

Amy x