Why I Am Starting A New Blog

June 27, 2019

If you haven’t seen on social media, I have started a new blog, you can check it out here www.amymighalls.com. Basically I have set a new blog up because I felt like I had pigeonholed myself into the title of ‘mummy blogger’ and I just wasn’t enjoying writing solely parenting content. Plus my babies are growing up now and I want to write more about my life as a housewife, still lots of motherhood posts but I felt branching out under my own name gave me the freedom to blog about other interests such as cooking, beauty, photography and books. And whilst I am sure the majority of you wouldn’t mind the change in content, the time to to branch out on my own just felt right, you know?

The second reason and possibly was the biggest reason for starting again was because last year I accepted a lot of sponsored posts and guest posts because I needed the money. The result of this however is that my blog is now full of posts that I am just not happy with. Starting a fresh gives me complete control over the content that I publish, and everything I have learned over the last 3 years can hopefully make my new blog successful. The dream is to create an online space with a real community feel, being a stay at home/work at home mum can be really lonely so it’s always lovely to find people to connect with online.

I hope you will join me on my new blogging venture!

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  1. Luna says:

    This explains why I saw your blog go offline for a little while, I wondered what was going on. Very exciting and a natural next step, can be hard when you pigeonhole yourself into a particular niche. Plus moving away from family friendly orientated stuff onto more ‘adult’ areas can open up FAR more avenues for reviews, products to test and sponsorship deals if you get my drift. 😉

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