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June 27, 2019
photography wish list

Photography has really become a big passion of mine over the last couple of years. I never thought I would be someone that owned a camera with multiple lenses but here we are and I love it. I love finding out what all the lenses can do and I’m slowly learning how each of the settings work. I’m nowhere near professional level but I like to think my photography has really improved. My current cameras of choice are the Olympus pen EPL-7 for photos and the Canon G7x mark 2 for vlogging. I have a 45mm lens and a 25mm lens for the Olympus. I feel ready to take my photography to the next level so here’s what I’m lusting after on my camera wishlist.

17mm and 75mm Olympus lenses

Both of these are hideously expensive and definitely require a lot of saving. I would like to think that maybe one day I will own at least one of them. Preferably the 17mm as I would really like to do more macro photography.

Go pro

I have wanted a go pro for the longest time. Not just for vlogging but for capturing memories of all our adventures. We love nothing more than heading out and discovering new places so a go pro would be ideal, I think the kids would really enjoy using this one too.

Nikon D750

So a long way down the line when I have a bit more time to spend really learning photography I would love to invest in what I class as a proper camera. This is the one that so many photography instargrammers that I admire use. It is very expensive and I definitely wouldn’t consider purchasing it until I really knew what I was doing and felt confident using all the different settings. I am a pretty long way off from that currently!


Accessories wise I would really to invest in a couple of new tripods. Both mine were panic purchases because I needed them for vlogging. They were both cheap and pretty rubbish quality. I would love to get a sturdier tripod and a small gorrila pod, I really regret not getting one of these, expecially when I am filming and can’t find a level space to work with.

And lastly, not a camera as such but I would really like to enroll on a few photography courses. I think this would really benefit my future in photography.

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