Visiting Trentham Monkey Forest And Gardens

May 22, 2019

Trentham monkey forest is one of those places we enjoy visiting each year. We were especially excited to go this year now Poppy is walking and has developed a massive love of animals just like the rest of us. She was in her element watching all the monkeys running about especially when some of them walked out on the path infront of us. Hourly you can see the monkeys getting fed which is a great chance to get up close to all of them. The monkey forest itself is set in beautiful grounds, some parts are quite hilly though. As well as the monkeys, there are play areas, a cafe and picnic areas, plus you can enter the monkey enclosure more than once.

Threntham monkey forest

The monkey area does not take long to walk around, possibly under an hour depending how quick you walk. We always make a full day of it by visiting Trentham Gardens next door. If you plan to do this, make sure you keep your monkey forest receipt as this will get you some money knocked off your garden entrance fee. You can enter the gardens from the monkey forest car park, however it is quiet a walk to get to the main play areas! There is an hourly boat (payable separately), we have done the walk a few times and slightly regretted it half way round, especially with the girls walking, it’s quite a way for little legs.

Threntham gardens

My favorite part of Trentham gardens is the play areas. It is so great for kids of all ages, there’s swings, slides, sandpits, sand and water play with diggers, climbing frames, even a little road and ride on cars. Next to the play area there is a barefoot walk, the kids love doing this each time we visit. Ava especially loved the mud this time round and walking through the stream is always lovely especially in summer. Another great one for the kids is the miniature land train, this is payable separately but it’s not much.

Aside from the play areas, the gardens are breathtakingly beautiful. I love having a picnic looking out over the lake and seeing all the flowers in bloom. If you do decide to walk around the lake, expect to find lots of hidden treasures such as the metal fairy sculptures, woodland animal sculptures and seasonal displays.

Have you been to Trentham Monkey Forest or gardens before?

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