#Bookandplaychallenge – Willbee The Bumblebee

May 21, 2019

Willbee The Bumblebee – Craig Smith & Maureen Thomson

Every week over on Instagram we have been joining in with the lovely @charlotte.edward.and.catherine new book and play challenge. The idea is to choose a book each week and then theme play activities which relate to the book, this can be one activity or as many as you like. I have been sharing over on my Instagram account but I thought I would also do a weekly blog post over here to go into a bit more detail about what we have been getting up too. I love do play activities and I think we all know how much I love children’s books. If you do join in, don’t forget to tag Charlotte.

This week we were challenged to choose a book based on favourite animals, a very broad spectrum for my girls seeing as they love every animal. We decided to cheat a bit and choose bumblebee’s, I know it’s not technically an animal but Ava’s current favourite book is Willbee The Bumblebee. A lovely book from the creators of Wonkey Donkey, about a little bee that loses his bumblebee stripes.

We decided to do a few activities in relation to this book, you can tell when I have been on pinterest. First up we made willbee a new coat using a paper plate, some yellow paper cut into squares and some black tissue paper which I scrunched up, I love that this made our bumblebee look fluffy. I simply used pva glue on the plate and then let the girls get sticking. Once his stripes were done I cut some black card for his head and glued it to the plate, sandwiching 2 pieces of black pipe cleaner inside to for the antenna. We finished him off with some googly eyes.

creating a paper bumblebee for #bookandplaychallenge

For our second activity we made keepsake footprint and fingerprint bee’s. I love capturing their little footprints to keep in their memory boxes. All we did was use yellow paint to create our prints and then I finished the picture off by adding some detail in black pen. I think they have turned out pretty cute!

Lastly we picked some wildflower and bumblebee friendly seeds up from Wilko’s which we have sown into borders and pots around the garden. This was a really good activity for my 3 year old, she has been doing some planting at nursery so knew exactly what to do. We talked about the importance of bee’s and why planting flowers is important.

We had so much fun with the #bookandplaychallenge this week, will you be joining in next week?

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