A Spring Visit To Ash End Farm

April 30, 2019

Our visit to Ash End Children’s farm was a completely last minute decision the night before. We had other plans in the morning and I’ll admit I was worried we would run out of time at the farm and not have chance to do everything we wanted to do. We arrived at lunch time, our youngest had fallen asleep in the car so we used that time to eat our lunch I had bought with us. There is a cafe and snack shop on site plus plenty of picnic benches. I am trying to save money though so for once I had made our own lunch (yes I felt like a proper adult)

You can buy a dual ticket which allows you access to the soft play area but we have never opted for this on any of our visits, purely because the weather has always been really nice. Farm prices are £8.95 for children and £7.95 for adults, the dual tickets are £12.95 for children and £7.95 for adults, this does increase by £1 in the Birmingham school holidays. Buckets of food for the animals are £1 a bucket which is refundable.

There is a board at the entrance to Ash End farm which details all of the activities throughout the day. The majority are repeated hourly and generally flow after each other so there’s not too much waiting around. If your memory is a bit crap like mine, I’d suggest taking a quick picture of the board so as you don’t have to keep coming back. Some activities are ones that you can do only once, such as the collecting eggs.

ash end farm

We arrived just in time for the Pony sitting activity, your child gets to sit on a pony for a short while whilst you try desperately to get the perfect insta shot. Ava loved this one and would of sat there all day I think, Poppy on the other hand loved it until she realized it involves sitting still, she was soon off, Poppy does not like sitting down.

ash end farm

Afterwards we saw all the other horses, the cows and went to feed the goats, both girls loved feeding the animals. In the same barn as the goats, is the bunnies which you can pet as part of one of your activities. A few bunnies are selected and placed on hay bales, they hoppily (sorry,couldn’t resist) stay there whilst the children stroke them. Poppy became very animated at this point and was squealing in excitement, the bunnies were not fazed by this at all.

Next up we had a quick walk through the pig house, quick because pigs are stinky! It was then time to meet the baby chicks. This is one of the activities that we had done on our visit last year, so I was really excited to see Ava’s reaction. We held 5 chicks in total, 3 really baby ones which were placed on Ava’s lap for her to stroke, 1 bigger one which was placed directly on both of the girls laps, he was quickly removed though, we all underestimated how much of a savage grabby baby hands can be! Once the baby chicks have been held it’s straight into the eggery where you can select your very own freshly hatched egg to take home.

ash end farm

As well as all the usual farm animals inside the barns you can also see some more exotic animals such as snakes,lizards and tarantulas inside the reptile house. There is also an aviary housing birds of prey, you can also watch bird shows throughout the day. Beyond these, you will find the fields containing more farm animals, and you can hop on a tractor ride to see more of the fields.

We ended our day in one of the 3 play areas, all of which are equipped with lots of fun play equipment, suitable for all ages. We chose the play area with the bouncy pillow because kids (and adults) love a bouncy pillow!

A little note, the Ash End farm is very popular with primary schools and often there are a few coach loads there. This didn’t hinder our day at all, the afternoons are a bit quieter once the schools start leaving but we didn’t mind the schools being there.

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