5 Great Holiday Spots In Sicily To Enjoy As A Family

April 25, 2019

Located to the south of mainland Italy, Sicily is a gorgeous island that offers an entirely unique culture, food, history and all things that make Sicily, well… Sicily! It is unlike anywhere else in the world, including anywhere else on the mainland. With changing landscapes and plenty to see and do, Sicily is a great place to go as a family for a family holiday. After all, there is something for everyone on the island.

When it comes to travelling as a family, there are a number of ways that Sicily provides the perfect backdrop for the ultimate holiday. For example, one part of a trip that can really make a difference is accommodation. Instead of being cramped in one room or small spaces without a proper kitchen or living space, it is common for visitors to rent one of the many private villas in Sicily even with a pool to enjoy extra space, privacy, and have the ability to stick to their own schedule. Villas are actually affordable and can be even more so than separate rooms in a separate accommodation option. Another major part of the trip is the travel to/from your destination. There are two main airports in Sicily (one in Palermo and another in Catania) and since the island is actually quite large, it is helpful to plan ahead and fly into the airport that is most convenient to where you will be exploring. From there, it is most convenient to rent a car so you can visit all the cities and sites on your own schedule.

5 great holiday spots in Sicily to enjoy as a family

Here are 5 family holiday spots in Sicily that are on my list if you are looking for some inspiration:


Noto is located in southeastern Sicily only an hour away from the airport in Catania. Noto is often referred to as the ‘Capital of Baroque’ and is full of that charming honey-colored stone. You can visit the monuments and sites, make your way to Calamosche beach, and if you pop over to Avola, you can explore the Cavagrande lakes with limestone cliffs.


Agrigento is located on the southern coast of Sicily and is well known for being the city of temples. Here, you’ll find UNESCO World Heritage site, The Valley of the Temples. The city of Agrigento is home to ruins, Baroque architecture, olive trees, beaches, and clear waters.


There are a couple of words that are often associated with the charming hilltop town of Taormina, those being: luxurious and picturesque. Taormina is a small town on the east coast of Sicily and is full of charm. The city itself is very well kept, you get views of the sea, there is the Greek Theatre and other gorgeous monuments, and you can take a cable car down to Isola Bella for a gorgeous and unique experience.


Cefalù is a tiny fishing village with a whole lot of charm. It is located an hour outside of Palermo and upon arrival into the village, you already feel tucked away in a special destination. The town is set between the sea and “La Rocca”, a granite mass that sits above the village.


Palermo is Sicily’s capital and has its own certain appeal. The open-air markets are a must, including those at Vucciria and Borgo Vecchio. Palermo is not just any capital, as the city has its own gorgeous seafront with sandy beaches and clear water.

great holiday spots in sicily

Summer is fast approaching, and while I love just arriving at the final destination, I am quite keen on making plans and thinking about where to go and what to do while on holiday. It really does help to shift into that ‘holiday mindset’.

Have you been to Sicily? Which cities did you enjoy visiting?

*This post was written in collaboration with Emily Jones

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