How To Bust The Kids Clutter Once And For All

April 17, 2019

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Having children brings so many positive aspects to our lives, but one of them that we may not enjoy so much is the sheer volume of things they bring into your home. It starts with the first baby: a slow influx of equipment, toys and clothes. Then each Christmas and birthday the tide of multi-coloured plastic advances some more. The artwork and crafting projects start coming home from nursery. Before you know it, your once calm and organised home is drowning in a sea of clutter – toys, pictures, keepsakes and huge amounts of clothes that have either been outgrown or are waiting to be grown into. But whatever your tolerance for kiddie clutter, we only have so much space and there’s a line between a much loved and lived in family home and a total disorganised chaos. You don’t have to aim for complete Minimalism, but imposing a little order can go a long way to making your home a nicer place to be and restoring some calm. Where to begin?

Kids Toys

Toys are usually the biggest offender in any family home – children seem to have so many. The answer lies in buying in some clever storage solutions that are both practical and stylish. Make sure they are easily accessible to the kids, as you want them to be able to reach what they like and also help with the tidying afterwards. Large canvas storage bags are an easy way to keep everything together, or if you want a slightly more elegant and adult solution, a storage ottoman has room for lots of toys and games, looks stylish and also doubles as extra seating. Make sure that you do a regular toy cull as well, because children do quickly outgrow what they play with. Make it a tradition twice a year to go through the toys together and choose some to donate together. It’s important to get kids involved in this process rather than imposing it on them. If you think you may still need them if you plan on expanding your family in the future, then a facility like could be extremely useful to offer you additional storage space outside your home.


Babies come with a lot sentimental items that you will want to hold on to, so consider making some kind of memory box to keep all these special bits and pieces together. A decorative hatbox from a homewares store makes a good one. Fill it with items like their hospital bracelets, birthday cards and special photos – having a few favourites printed out is so much more accessible. Consider also getting a large box file so you can keep artwork and school reports. Aim to be selective – you don’t have to keep every single item they make. One or two per year is more than enough – any more and you’ll never look through it.

Because kids grow into and out of things so quickly, their clothing can be very hard to keep track of. If you don’t have much space, it can soon get out of hand. One good idea is to keep a plastic storage box either on top of or in the wardrobe permanently and as soon as something is outgrown, put it in there. Then you can put them into storage or donate them when the box is full. Similarly, keep another box under the bed or cot with items which are the next size up and waiting to be grown into.

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