Love It Or List It, 3 Things To Consider before Selling Your House

April 10, 2019

We bought our house 6 years ago now, it definitely wasn’t the house of our dreams but we were desperate to get on the property ladder and buy our first family home. The plan was to live here for a couple of years before moving on to something bigger and in a better area, yet, 6 years on and we have no plans to move any time soon. Not selling our house is not a decision that was easy, I was desperate to move, often spending hours searching selling sites dreaming of a better house. That was until I came to the realization that actually, right now our house is perfect for us and with a bit of TLC we can love it for many years to come. Here are a few things that were the deciding factors for us staying put and points you should definitely consider before selling your house.

3 Things To Consider before Selling Your House


One of the deciding factors for us staying put was the fact that our house is on the same street as the school that both my girls will attend until they at 10, it takes us 2 minutes to get there currently. Moving further away just does not make sense whilst the girls are still in the school. Also we live 5 minutes away from a local shop, park, my husbands work and our relatives. The location of our house really works for us and it is something that should be on the list to consider before selling your house, especially if a potential house move takes you out of your chosen schools catchment area or if it adds time on your work commute.


Moving house is not cheap, there are so many costs involved with not only buying a new house but also selling yours. From valuations, surveys, stamp duty, it all add’s up to quite a lot, and of course there’s a conveyancing fee too to cover the legal side of things, you can do this online for less by using websites such as conveyonline, but of course it is still all money on top of the cost of the new house. You need to ask yourself if moving house is something you can really afford.

Make the best of what you have

A big point to consider before selling your home, what is it that makes you want to move? Is it something material that can be changed by renovating your existing home? When we first moved in there was an awful lot of things that we disliked about the house such as the lack of driveway, the awful mismatched kitchen and the fact that our bathroom and toilet are in 2 separate rooms. We have spent the last few years installing a driveway, redecorating to our tastes and learning to love the ‘quirky’ layout. I truly believe any house can be made beautiful if you put the time and effort in.

So there you have it, we have decided to love our house rather than list it as this is what works for our family right now. I hope you have found some helpful tips if you are considering a house move.

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