6 Ways To Reduce Your Weekly Food Shop Bill

April 8, 2019

The price of living just keeps creeping up and up doesn’t it? I’ve really started noticing our weekly food shop bill increasing. I am guilty of getting drawn in by special offers and over buying on things we don’t need, supermarkets just make things so damn tempting. We seem to be throwing food away more often than I’d like too so something needs to change. I need to go back to basics and be more money savvy when it comes to the food we buy. Here are my top tips that I find help reduce your weekly food shop bill.

6 ways to reduce your weekly food shop bill

Meal plan

I am a huge fan of meal planning, I have been doing it for years now. I strongly believe meal planning will save you money, as long as you stick to your plan that is! I have a post on how I meal plan here, I have also filmed a YouTube video on it which you can watch here.

Shop your stash

Basically, check what you already have in the cupboard/fridge/freezer before you go shopping. I usually do this when I am writing my meal plan. If I can make a meal out of things I already have I will pencil it in or if I have sauces or veg that needs using up I will try and plan our meals based around those. You will be amazed at how many meal ideas you can come up with doing this, plus it will save you money because you will only need to buy a few things for your meal.

Meat free

When meal planning, consider having a couple of meat free meals each week, even if that’s just a pasta dish. Not buying meat everyday will really help your keep your shopping budget down, you will also be doing your bit for the environment by cutting down on meat consumption too so it’s win win!

Buy only what you need

This is such a simple way to cut the cost yet so many of us fall victim to a special offer – Aldi middle aisle I’m looking at you! Try to avoid the special offers unless it is something on your shopping list or a really really good offer that you know will use. So much waste comes from unused food brought on offer, wasted food = wasted money.

Shop around

I generally don’t stay loyal to a particular supermarket, I like to shop around and usually use a few different shops. My main bulk of the food shopping will usually come from Aldi, I will then get any household bits from Home bargains and lastly I will pop into Tesco for any bits I haven’t been able to get elsewhere.

And lastly… Shop online

I’ve put this last because I actually don’t like shopping online, purely for the fact that I am a stay at home mum and going to the supermarket is the highlight of my day (I wish that was a joke) However, I am not silly and I know the best way to save money on your food shopping bill is to shop online. This strips away all temptations and I find sticking to just whats on the list so much easier.

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