Top Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Office

April 1, 2019

I love a good spring clean, there’s something about that spring sunshine that get’s me really motivated to give everywhere a good freshen up and declutter. One place I always dislike spring cleaning is the office, but once it is done and all that paperwork and random cables have been sorted and decluttered it feels so much better. A calm and ordered office space is really important for productivity I think. I have put together my top tips to help when it comes to spring cleaning your office which I have shared below.

Set yourself tasks

Don’t go in there guns blazing thinking you are going to get everything done straight away, you are not, you will just end up in a mess wondering why you started. Instead set yourself tasks, such as sorting paperwork first or sorting the junk drawer. Spring cleaning in one area at a time will ensure you don’t end up with a bigger mess than you started with.


Once you have decluttered, you need to get organised so as you don’t end up back where you started in a few weeks time. Storage and organisation is big news these days, most shops sell an array of storage items perfect for getting your freshly spring cleaned office organised.

Get cleaning

Whether you are a hincher or not, your office is not a place to be overlooked when it comes to cleaning, you wouldn’t believe how many germs are lurking on that keyboard, and when was the last time you checked behind your desk? With the rise of Mrs Hinch, there are an array of different cleaning products readily available to make your office sparkling and smelling amazing. Of course if your office is in an office block you may want to consider bringing in a professional cleaning team such as

Digital declutter

Spring cleaning shouldn’t just stop at your physical office space. Having a digital declutter has many benefits and will really help future productivity. Just think how good it will feel to finally go through all those emails and delete all the ones you no longer need, don’t forget to reply to the important ones too. Desktop icons is another one to declutter, remove all the ones you no longer use or organise them into folders.

Keep up the good work

Spring cleaning your office is great for getting those jobs done that always get put off, but don’t forget to keep on top of the cleaning and organisation throughout the year. A good cleaning rota and monthly declutter will make next years big spring clean so much easier!

So who’s ready to #officespringclean?

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