Getting Your Home Spring Ready

March 15, 2019

We all know the importance of getting our homes ready for winter but what about spring? Spring is the perfect time to tackle odd jobs, give your home a good deep clean and do some essential maintenance to get your home spring ready and keep it running smoothly for the rest of the year. From central heating boilers to painting skirtings, now is the time to tackle them.

Check the exterior

Start of by giving the outside of your home a once over, check for any damage caused by winter to your roof, walls and chimneys. Give your driveway and patio areas a good clean and de-weed and plant some pretty spring bulbs if you have the time. Now is the perfect time to clear your guttering out too, we all know how much it likes to rain in spring so clear gutterings are a must.

Have your boiler serviced

Spring has been known to give us snow these last few years so having your boiler and central heating in tip top condition is really important. Now might even be the time you look at replacing your central heating systems if yours are outdated and not preforming as well as they should be. Boiler services are really important and help detect and dangerous faults, such as a carbon monoxide leak.

Get your Hinch on

If you follow Mrs Hinch over on Instagram you will know what I’m talking about, if you don’t, you should! She is great for motivating you to get cleaning. Spring is the perfect time to give your home a good deep clean especially in the areas that normally get overlooked. In busy homes with small children, redorating can often get forgotten about. The brighter and warmer days and all those bank holidays are a great time to get your home looking and smelling amazing.

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