It’s The Little Things I Love…

January 23, 2019

We are fast approaching our 10th year as a couple, our 10th Valentines day and our 5th year married. Long gone are the grand gestures of love, they disappeared the second Ava and Poppy came along. Whilst I do miss the impromptu trips away and the nights out, I’ve come to realise that those big acts of love no longer mean as much to me. Now it’s the little things that mean the most and make me feel truly loved.

It’s the tiny insignificant things like taking the bin out, hoovering up, the cups of tea, buying my favourite snacks, not moaning about my love of Disney pyjamas, not getting me committed to a mental asylum every time I lose my shit over something silly.

It’s the little bum squeezes when I walk past, the hours spent watching murders mysteries and dodgy teen dramas with me, sharing your Next account and not divorcing me every time ANOTHER purchase email comes through, telling me you’d still do me even when I’m ill and I’ve got tissue shoved up my nose.

It’s doing the bathtime routine on your own when I need a break, changing stinky baby butts, doing the washing up because you know I hate it, sitting through Diehard for the 2345678998665th time because you know how much I love it, still finding me attractive even though you watched me simultaneously push a baby out and shit myself, twice.

It’s listening to me mind dump on you in bed every night when you would rather be asleep, and joining the National trust so you can come on Sunday walks with me instead of watching football. It’s making me laugh when I’m being an angry arsehole, and not running for the hills every time I declare I’m going to embark on a new business venture or say I’m going to redecorate the entire house.

All these little things and more make me feel the most loved and content, yes we argue and we have our ups and downs like any couple but at the end of the day we still make sure we do these little acts of love for each other. We still make each other laugh and make time to be together as a couple, not easy with kids but it’s good to remember your relationship is just as important as the kids.

This Valentines day there will be no grand shows of affection, no trips to Paris or Limo rides (yes, he is way more romantic than me) but thats’s fine with me because it’s the little things that happen everyday matter the most.


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  1. Luna says:

    Love this post, so many people would take each of those things for granted and it is SO much harder when kids are on the scene and everything has to be planned with military precision (even sex sometimes) and things can no longer be spontaneous (including trips and the grand gestures). Cant believe he took you to Paris and got you a limo too… ive never even been within 20ft of a limo. Sounds like he could give my partner some tips as he sounds great… could we swap? Part exchange maybe but I cant pay him though so we might have to agree some terms…

  2. Rebecca says:

    Fantastic that you can still show appreciation for the little things in life between 2 people after 10 years. Most people have stopped showing any signs of appreciation for each other long before that haha especially after children when time is so limited. My other half only lets me use his accounts or cards if im buying underwear or something along those lines so think yourself lucky there too!! Im jealous… xXx

  3. Katie says:

    Really nice post and its really great to hear that you both still get along so well and appreciate one another after 10 years together. Its the little things you do for each other that add up in a day that make a relationship so strong. People dont need the big one off forced/heavily retailer influenced displays of affection that just happen on special occasions.

    Gee made me laugh on her Valentines post for men last year when she said most men would be happy with a bacon sandwich and a BJ and its true. Not specifically suggesting that in particular but the bottom line is that you dont actually need an over the top display of affection that costs a fortune when something so simple can make someone so happy and bring 2 people together.

  4. Such a beautiful blog post. I can relate to it. It is truly the very little things that matter the most. Happy 10th anniversary to you both. May your love for each other never grow cold

  5. Sally says:

    Lovely post, some people spend their lives trying to find someone who understands them and treats them well and you seem to have found that very early in life. May all of your future ups and downs remain in the bedroom (or location of your choice!).

  6. Luna says:

    As expected my other half very nearly forgot a card and had a mad rush to the shops to get me one as well as the token bottle of wine and flowers to entice me into a drunken evening of sexual favours… Thats what Valentines is for is it not?

    How did was your 10th Valentines Day in the end? Were there any romantic gestures or did you stick to the no grand shows of affection?

  7. April says:

    10 years is a fantastic achievement and this post is so sweet! Its great to see someone appreciating the little things in life as so few do. Valentines Day can put so much expectation & pressure on both sides of a relationship to do something ‘extra special’ but the fact you both appreciate & love each other should be more than enough. Its what you do on the other 364 days of the year that is the most important.

    I had so much anxiety in my early relationships & was so paranoid of losing my partner to someone I thought was ‘better’ or more confident than me. Over time I learned to try and just relax and make sure I at least seemed confident & tried to be more exciting & spontaneous and more like the person others would want to be more like.

    Valentines is such great excuse to try new things and brush it off as being a one off Valentines treat as men are usually just happy with whatever they can get. As Gee said before in an anti-valentines post on her blog, Valentines usually just consists of ‘ doing the cum run slightly drunk on romance (and wine)’ and most men would be happy with a Bacon Sandwich & a BJ so there shouldnt be any expectation or pressure when most men are so easily pleased.

  8. Marilyn says:

    Such a cute post and in the whirlwind of children mayhem everyone needs to make some adult time together and a couple that plays together stays together. Hard for anything impromptu but have to fit in time together whenever and wherever you can.

  9. Esme Carter says:

    Really nice post and such a wonderful wholesome family blog you have here. 10 years is already a great achievement, especially in the age of social media pressures and everyones lives being broadcast under a spotlight. Can be so much harder in this day and age for those people who see themselves as more reserved than most to stand out and “shrinking violets” get nowhere these days.

    My advice to everyone is to do everything you can together while you are still young (and before our bodies start falling apart!). We will all still have regrets when we are older at things we wish we had done in our younger years but the less things on that list the better you will feel. You really are a credit to these children too and have already given them so many experiences just based on the posts ive seen. One thing social media is brilliant for is archiving those memories for them to look at when they are older too.

  10. Moira Finnie says:

    Its fantastic that you can still appreciate the little things after 10 years, if this modern age has taught me anything its that anything can happen in life if you dont make the most of what you have.

    You only have to look at couples like Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman who were together for so long only for them to split and him move on with a young model a couple of week afterwards. We live in a ‘peacocking’ generation of people flaunting themselves and what they can offer and if you don’t appreciate what you have its never been easier for peoples heads to be turned (see Love Island).

  11. Luna says:

    Hope things are still good and you had a good anniversary last month too. I was listening to Paramore the other day for 1st time in many years and one line fit my feelings perfectly ‘Well there’s a million other girls who do it just like you, Looking as innocent as possible to get to who they want and what they like, it’s easy if you do it right’. Its so true that there are plenty of others out there who could offer what you do and relationships only start to break down when people ‘rest on their laurels’ and stop putting the effort in that they used to get the person in the first place. Glad to see you can still appreciate what you have together and hope you dont ever rest on your laurels. xxx

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