Poppy’s 1 Year Update + Daily Routine

January 21, 2019

Ahh it wouldn’t be one of my baby updates unless it was weeks behind would it?! Poppy is now 13 months old eeek! God that’s gone quick, anyway I am quite glad I waited to do Poppy’s 1 year update because in the last couple of weeks she has made a huge developmental leap. She is definitely a fully fledged toddler now! I thought I would jot down her daily routine too as I always find those kind of things interesting.

Poppy’s 1 year update

Poppy started walking properly just after her first birthday, we had a few weeks before she turned one where she would take a few steps here and there but about 1 week after her birthday she was up and off. Now we constantly have to tell her to slow down because she runs about the place and just does not sit down anymore, she spends all day just toddling about going from room to room. She is so much happier now she can walk and follow her big sister around.

We have been working on recognition with her lately too, so making animal sounds and asking her to repeat them, we have a lion nailed down so far. I also noticed if I mentioned certain body parts she would touch them so she can now point to her nose,teeth,belly,hair and toes, also if you ask her if she has pooed she will point to her bum!

1 year update

Poppy has been trying to say a few words alongside, mama, dada, nana, Jack and Ava. She will say done when she has finished eating and pass me back her plate, she also said cat the other day. Poppy desperately tries to say grandad, I know what she’s saying but no one else would! Grandad is probably her favourite person right now, she gets so excited when she sees his car pull on the drive.

Poppy eats really well, she loves her food and now eats whatever we are eating. She generally has 2 bottles of milk a day, a 6oz one in a morning and then another before bed but she often doesn’t finish that one.

Now Pops is walking about and understanding more, her relationship with Ava is just getting stronger and stronger. It is so lovely to watch them play together now, there is a fair few arguments going on between them now though!

Poppy hasn’t had any new teeth come through for about 6 months now, she got 6 all through at once and we have had nothing since then. Her sleep has been shocking the past few weeks though so hopefully that means some new ones will make an appearance soon!

Poppy’s daily routine goes a little something like this –

7.00 – Wake up, it’s around this time, sometimes a bit earlier/later.

8.15 – Breakfast, usually cheerios, crumpets, pancakes or eggs with fruit and a small beaker of whole milk.

9-10 – We play with toys, sing or read books, sometimes we go to playgroup depending on how early Poppy has woke that day.

10 – 12 – Nap time.

12.15 – Lunch time, I normally do a sandwich and a few snacky bits like cheese, raisins, Ella’s puffs.

1 – 4 – Most days we will go out somewhere with my dad, you can usually find us in a supermarket!

5.00 – We aim to eat our meal around this time each day.

5.30 – Bath time.

6.15 – We read the girls books and both girls have some milk before bed.

6.30 – Lights out. Once the books are done we place Poppy in her cot, turn Ewan the dream sheep on, say goodnight and leave the room. Poppy will happily fall asleep on her own…..It’s the staying asleep she has problems with!

Between 3 & 5am – Poppy has a bottle of milk in the night still, anytime between 3 and 5, we do try and stretch it as late as possible but some days she will not stop crying until she has it. Obviously in an ideal world she wouldn’t be having milk in the night but at the minute if that milk means she goes back to sleep and doesn’t wake her sister up who sleeps in the same room, then milk it is!

I honestly can’t get over how grown up she suddenly is, I am so excited to see her grow and see her little personality come out more. She is so cheeky and always doing silly things to make us laugh. I will pop another update on when she turn 18 months, in the mean time though you can find regular updates over on my Instagram feed.

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