How to Choose The Right Broadband For Your Family

November 23, 2018

As a family we rely heavily on the internet. Both me and my husband use it for work, my work is based purely online, blogging, YouTube and social media and my husband helps out on a popular gaming forum. Alongside that, my teenage son, like all teenagers, is permanently glued to his phone, and lets not forget the numerous gadgets that hook up to WiFi. So yeah, WiFi is life! We have gone through our fair share of broadband providers over the years so I thought I would share some tips on how to choose the right broadband for your family.

Consider your family’s broadband needs

As I said, our family’s broadband usage is a lot so we need a pretty heavy duty broadband to cope. Think about how many members of your family will be using the internet and what purpose you use it for, if you are a large family using the internet regularly you may want to look at unlimited deals. Especially if quite a few of you will be using the internet at the same time as this can slow things down or if you plan do do a lot of downloading. If you are only using the internet for a quick social media browse here and there, you will only need something pretty basic.

Check available broadband services in your area

There are varying types of broadband such as ADSL which uses a telephone connection right through to super fast fibre optic. Before choosing or swapping providers you should always check what is available in your area. Thankfully fibre optic was available in our area, it is much faster and perfect for our busy family. If you are thinking of swapping broadband providers have a look on speed checking websites to test what broadband speed your are actually getting. We were with one company that promised a certain speed and then upon doing a quick speed check we were actually only getting a small fraction of that. If your current broadband isn’t coming up to scratch it’s definitely time to start looking elsewhere.

Use comparison sites

Once you have worked out what your usage is likely to be and have checked what is available in your area, it’s time to start searching for a great deal. The best way to find the right broadband for your family at a great price is to use a comparison site. There are plenty of broadband deals to suit your family and it really pays to shop around. You can also use these sites to compare stand alone broadband against a package deal with TV or a phone line. Often you can great a great deal by buying as part of a bundle.

A lot of people end up paying too much for broadband that is no good for their families needs because they are apprehensive about switching, when in reality it’s actually quite easy to switch. Why don’t you check out a comparison site today and see if you can save?

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