24 Toddler Friendly Elf On The Shelf Ideas 2018

November 20, 2018

Last year was our first year of doing elf on the shelf, and I have to say I weirdly enjoyed it. I loved seeing Ava’s little face each morning as she went looking for the elf. Ava will be nearly 3 this Christmas so I am looking forward to doing a few different things with the elf this year. She is so excited for Christmas and just loves anything to do with it. Here is my plan for elf on the shelf this year.

24 Toddler Friendly Elf On the Shelf Ideas 2018

  1. Elf arrives with the advent calendar.
  2. Elf is doing some Christmas baking and making flour angels.
  3. The elf is colouring in a new Christmas colouring book for Ava.
  4. Elf is reading a Christmas book to Ava’s teddies.
  5. Elf is taking a ‘bauble’ bath in front of the fire. Last year I used a little plastic tub and some white pom poms. I have picked up some mini Christmas bath bombs for him to leave as a little present for Ava.
  6. It’s snowball fight time! I surround the elf with mini pompoms and buy fake snowballs from Home Bargains for us to play with.
  7. Elf has been making paper snowflakes, lets make some too! You could do paper chains instead.
  8. Elf is swinging on his elf swing, I picked one of these up in Poundland.
  9. Elf has rolled down the stairs in a roll of toilet paper.
  10. The elf is ‘pooping’ chocolate chips into Ava’s potty. You could also do this with the sink or a bowl.
  11. Lets take an elfie. Elf is sat with my camera and has left some photo props for us, I picked ours up last year in Sainsburys but I’m sure I’ve seen them in a few shops this year. 
  12. It’s Poppy’s first birthday! Elf is sat on her birthday cake.
  13. The elf is decorating a felt Christmas tree, it’s time to put our tree up! I picked up the felt tree from Hobbycraft but you can also get similar on Amazon.
  14. It’s Christmas jumper day! Elf is wearing his Christmas jumper, I picked ours up for him from the pound shop.
  15. Elf has put Ava’s pants on the Christmas tree.
  16. Elf has bought popcorn and a Christmas movie to watch.
  17. Let’s go camping, well not us, just the elf. I picked up an elf sleeping bag from the pound shop.
  18. Oh no! The fairies have taken elf hostage and stuck him to the cupboard, can the Paw Patrol save him?? You can use any toys for this. There are lots of other hostage ideas on Pinterest.
  19. Elf is making hot chocolates. I will set up a little hot chocolate station with festive toppings and marshmallows.
  20. Elf is zip lining down the lounge, I use some Christmas twine and a mini candy cane.
  21. Naughty elf has wrapped up the tree in elf caution tape.
  22. Elf is busy colouring in a tablecloth. I picked up one with designs on that kids can colour in from Home Bargains.
  23. It’s North pole breakfast time! I’m going to do a selective of yummy breakfast treats and make some elf sized ones too. 
  24. Elf has gone back to the North pole but he has left us a Christmas Eve box.

Happy Elfing!!

7 responses to “24 Toddler Friendly Elf On The Shelf Ideas 2018”

  1. rowenajb says:

    I love these ideas, perfect for my 2 year old. I’ve been wondering about elf on the shelf and wasn’t entirely sure what it was all about so thanks so much for sharing. Great idea for the elf to arrive with the advent calendar and also love that he leaves the Christmas Eve box!!

  2. Anne Fraser says:

    I love your ideas. I am even feeling a bit sad that my children are too old to join in the fun.

  3. I love looking at all the Elf on the Shelf photos – but I could never do it myself … it looks SO stressful!

  4. I need to try these Elf on the shelf ideas. Not done anything like these with the kids before.

  5. Jenni says:

    Our elf is arriving with the advent calendars this year 🙂

  6. Some lovely ideas here! I haven’t tried Elf on the Shelf yet, but I’m tempted this year!

  7. ChelseaMamma says:

    I always start elf on the shelf with such good intentions and then forget #oops

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