Our Favourites From The Aldi Mamia Baby Range

November 14, 2018

If you follow me on Instagram then you will probably know all about my love for Aldi, especially the mamia baby range. Which is why I am delighted to be working with them to share my favourite products from the range (spoiler – I love everything). All of the products that I will be sharing with you have been tried and tested and for the most part I have been continually buying for the past 2 and a half years. All of the aldi mamia products are really budget friendly, which is great because lets face it, babies cost us a lot!

Our Favourites From The Aldi Mamia Baby Range

I will start with the snacking and weaning section because we love the mamia snacks range so much. They are my go to, and you will always find a pack of their rice cakes or a fruit pouch in my changing bag. All of the snacks are organic and are designed with little tummies in mind.

Breakfast, fruit and yogurt pouches (from 65p)

Both my girls did baby led weaning but that doesn’t mean we don’t use pouches at all. The mamia breakfast and yogurt pouches are staples in my changing bag. They are so handy to have if the girls get peckish when we are out for the day. They are also great as a quick pudding for Poppy. The pouches are aimed at younger babies but Ava is almost 3 and still loves them. The breakfast pouches are a blend of fruit, yogurt and rice and the yogurt pouches are a blend of greek style yogurt and fruit purees. Both are stage 1 and are suitable from 6 months.

Aldi have recently bought out some new fruit pouches, which, yes, do look like a well known brand but they are a fraction of the cost which is great for families like ours that are on a budget. The girls love having these as a little treat with their lunch. I love pouches like this as I think it is a great way to get some added goodness into fussy eaters. These pouches are suitable from 4 months.

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Oaty bars (£1.29)

I very nearly squealed in delight when Aldi bought these out recently. We were buying a much more expensive version but as soon as I saw these I swapped. The oaty bars are Ava’s favourites, she loves all of the flavours which are raspberry & apple, strawberry & apple and carrot cake, I think the carrot cake one might take top spot as her favourite. Ava loves having these as her morning snack. You get 6 25g bars in a pack and they are suitable from 12 months.

Mini rice cakes (52p)

Another firm favourite in our house are the mini rice cakes, both girls enjoy having them as a snack. I like to keep a packet in my bag for Poppy in case we go out somewhere and there’s nothing really suitable for her to eat. They are great for baby led weaning too as they are the perfect size for little hands to hold. They come in 2 flavours raspberry and apple, both equally as tasty. Suitable from 7 months.

Corn snacks (43p)

If you want to know how I manage to do a supermarket shop with 2 young children, then mamia corn snacks is the answer. Poppy is not the biggest fan of shopping or sitting still for long periods of time. When she starts getting a bit fussy I whip out a pack of these and she will happily sit munching on them as we go around. Of course big sister doesn’t like to be left out so they always end up sharing. The snacks come in 2 flavours carrot and tomato, the carrot ones are my preferred ones to buy as I find they are a bit easier for babies to hold. Suitable from 7 months.

Apple biscotti (34p)

Both my girls are biscuit lovers but I am not a fan of sharing my biscuits so I always pick up a pack of these apple biscotti. These biscuits are a great size and shape for Poppy and as they soften in the mouth, she has no trouble eating them. They have added vitamin B1 which is nice bonus, especially as Ava is a bit fussy so I always worry about getting enough vitamins in her. You get 8 biscotti in a packet which can be kept in a airtight container for up to 2 weeks. Suitable from 8 months.

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Nappies (£2.89)

We are big fans of the Aldi mamia nappies and have been using them on both girls since the moment they were born. I have never encountered any problems with them and would happily recommend them to any expecting parent. mamia have recently made a few changes to their nappies to improve them even further. The new nappy is less bulky and feels really soft, promises 2 x faster absorbency as well as up to 12 hours day and night leak protection. The sides are super stretchy too which is great if you have a wriggly baby like mine. Plus we love the super cute designs on them.

Wipes ( 4 pack £1.95, toilet wipes 55p)

Another product we have bought right from the beginning. These wipes get used on bums,hands, faces and everything in between (including removing my make up).

I have recently started buying their toddler toilet wipes too now that Ava has started potty training, I love that they are as sensitive as the baby wipes with the added bonus of being flushable and degradable and dermatologically tested. The toilet wipes are a really good size and thickness too.

I just want to mention there are many other Aldi mamia products that we have used before and loved. If we had gone down the traditional weaning route I would of without doubt used the mamia purees. We also really like their bath time products such as the baby bath and shampoo, which in my eyes are just as good if not better than their more well known rivals.

What are you favourites from the Aldi mamia range?

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