Taking Inspiration From Weird And Wonderful Homes

November 12, 2018

I’ll let you into a little secret, my TV guilty pleasure is George Clarke’s amazing spaces, especially when he goes off to explore the weird and wonderful homes of the world, let’s not even get started on my love of shed of the year! It completely blows me away how people can turn an average home into something spectacular. I get so much inspiration from shows and have always got an interiors magazine close to hand. I love nothing more than updating my home to reflect the seasons and finding new ways to inject some personality into my decor. Chill¬†home insurance have created a fab info graphic (below) showing some wacky homes around the world as well as some really interesting facts.

We bought our home 6 years ago now and over time it has undergone quite a transformation. We started off with a very dated sad looking house but It meant we could really put our stamp on it and now it is unrecognisable. We do still have rooms we want to tackle further and our tastes are ever evolving. Every time I watch a show involving weird and wonderful homes my creativity spikes and I start looking at how we can add quirky little touches to our home.

I currently really love the trend of bringing the outdoors in, think succulents, natural wood and jewel tones. This is not a style I would normally go for, I’m normally a grey all over kinda gal, but there’s something about all that greenery that makes me happy. I believe our homes should be filled with possessions that truly make us happy and spark joy every time we look at them.

Our current home isn’t our forever home though, I have big ideas for that one. My ideal home would be a double fronted Victorian property on the outside, but inside would be completely modernised including a large open plan kitchen with bi-fold doors opening onto the garden. My hubby would like a fully equipped summer house in the garden, and by fully equipped I mean a bar and his beloved Xbox. A swimming pool would make a lovely edition too, a girl can dream eh?

weird and wonderful homes

I’d love to hear about your ideal home and if you prefer to play it safe or live on the wacky side?

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