My Hopes And Dreams For My Teenage Sons Further Education

October 8, 2018

My own education stopped when I turned 16 due to an unexpected life event. I had so my dreams for my further education that never panned out, I skipped that stage completely and went straight into a paid job. I have recently been thinking about my hopes and dreams for my teenage sons further education now he is in the last couple of years at school.

I will happily support him in whatever decision he chooses, that goes without saying. However, of course, like any parent, there are certain paths to further education I’d love for him to take. I want him to have all the opportunities that I didn’t.

My dream for him is to stay on at 6th form and complete his A levels. I was so excited to be going into 6th form, I would never change the course my life went in but I do wish I had been able to do my A levels. I would love Jack to then go to university. I know going to uni is not the be all and end all of having a career however I would like him to experience it. Another hope that I have for him is that he goes on some sort of educational trip, maybe even a college trip to New York, how amazing would that be. He has already been on a school ski trip, I really believe getting out and experiencing the world is just as important as written lessons. Not travelling when I was younger through fear of flying is something I regret massively. I want my children to be able to see the world.

It is an exciting time when your child is nearing adulthood, I can not wait to see what path to further education he chooses and what his first job will be. He has work experience with school which he will be doing at the leisure centre learning all about health, fitness and nutrition. Perhaps this will be a sneaky peek into his future career.


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