5 Things To Remember When Visiting A Pumpkin Patch

October 3, 2018

We have been visiting pumpkin patches for the last three years, it has definitely become a family Halloween tradition that we all look forward to and I’m so excited to take Poppy to her first one this year. I took some amazing photo’s of Ava at her first one so hopefully I will get some good ones of Pops too, if she can keep still long enough! We currently visit two different pumpkin patches, one is quite commercialised, they have a lovely farm shop and restaurant on site as well as tractor trailer rides and a barn set up for little ones to play in. The other is just a pumpkin patch with pumpkins as far as the eye can see, perfect for Instagram snaps. I found these by doing a quick google search of patches in our area. Pumpkin picking is so much fun, why not give it a go this year? If you are planning on going here are a few things to remember when visiting a pumpkin patch.

5 Things To Remember When Visiting A Pumpkin Patch

  • Get in there early. Like with everything, if you want the best you need to get in there first. Last year we left it really late and we really struggled to pick any good ones.
  • Remember your bag for life. I don’t wan’t to disclose how many times we have forgot to bring bags with us and have had to balance really heavy pumpkins whilst walking the very long way back to the car. Some places do have wheelbarrows but these are not always available.
  • Don’t forget your wellies. Farms are well known for being muddy and often you have to walk through fields to get to the pumpkins. Do not wear you bright white converse… I absolutely did not do that, nope. Likewise, don’t forget to wrap up warm!
  • Don’t get caught up in the hype and end up spending a small fortune on loads of pumpkins. Pumpkins at patches are priced based on weight so if you rock up with 10 massive ones you might need to remortgage. We tend to let the kids pick one each from the patch and then buy ours from the supermarket.
  • Have fun! In an ideal world my kids would pose for the perfect picture with beautiful smiles and no one will whinge, unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world, I have a baby and a toddler who are the most fiercely independent little girls you will ever meet. Try to remember that this is a bit of fun and an experience for little ones. The candid photo’s are the best anyway I think.



Do you plan on visiting a pumpkin patch with your family?

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