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October 1, 2018

I have decided to take part in blogtober again this year after really enjoying the challenge last year. If you have no idea what I’m on about, basically blogtober means I will be blogging every day of October, which after being so slack with blogging just lately, it’s a welcome kick up the bum. So what better way to kick day one off than to share my favourite things about Autumn.

It’s no secret how much I love the cooler months, especially Autumn. I have already whipped out the bright summer clothes and replaced them with mustard’s and oranges and boots, god how I miss boots! Autumn is pretty popular at the minute especially over on instagram with everyone and their dog declaring their love for Autumn.

Autumn, I loved you before you were Insta cool,

I’ve narrowed it down to 7 things I love about Autumn although there are many, many more. Just writing this post makes me feel all warm and cosy. Grab a hot chocolate and indulge me…

The Fashion

Now I’m not particularly into fashion or following trends but I just love autumn clothes. I have picked up a few new pieces this year which I am so excited to start wearing. I’ve bought a denim dungaree dress which I’m going to pair with a stripey tee, black tights, boots and a chunky scarf, I can’t wait. And lets not forget how stinking cute the girls are going to look in their Autumn clothes.

Crunchy Autumn Walks

As a family, going out for walks is something we love to do, Autumn just makes them extra fun! What kid (and adult) doesn’t like running through a huge piles of leaves or hunting for conkers. I’m looking forward to doing a nature scavenger hunt with Ava this year and hopefully taking some gorgeous pictures I can frame. The colour’s of the trees are so beautiful at this time of year, now I have learnt how to use my camera I really want to try a capture them in all their glory.

The Return Of The Hot Chocolate

I know as a true Autumn fan I should be talking about pumpkin spiced lattes but I can’t stand coffee! I do however love hot chocolates, especially from cute little cafe’s where they serve them with lots of cream and marshmallows. They are the perfect way to warm up after a long walk. Costa have a new bonfire spiced hot chocolate out this year which I am so excited to try.

Comfort Food

Stews, soups, casseroles, slow cooked meats, now that’s my kind of food. Is there anything better than going out from a walk and coming back to the smell of slow cooked stew bubbling away in the pot, mmmm! I’m planning to share some of my favourite comfort food recipes so make sure you look out for those. Autumnal food is also a great way of getting extra veggies in little ones too, I hate veg with a passion but put it in a stew and its the best thing ever.

Blankets And Jumpers

I put my beloved dressing gown back on the other day and it was glorious! I love being able to get in my pj’s wrap myself in a blanket and get comfy on the sofa, reading a book or watching a film with the family. I love how Autumn always seems to bring people together, I guess those Danes and their hygge really are onto something.


Does anyone else feel a bit weird putting candles on in the summer? Mine have been neglected for months but not anymore, they are back, along with some new additions. I found out some Yankee Candle Autumn Nights votive’s which I’d saved from last year, I really hope they bring that out again this year as it is one of my faves. Tkmaxx have also got their Autumn/Halloween candles in to and I have picked up the most amazing pumpkin and maple one, I can’t even begin to tell you how good it smells, I’m going to go back and get a few more too, as there was just too many to choose from. I love settling down at night to watch TV with just the candles and the fire going, so cosy.


I love love love Halloween! I always decorate the house and make some spooky themed food. A couple of years ago we discovered a local pumpkin patch and now I am obsessed, I can’t wait to dress the girls up and take cute pumpkin patch photos, totally doing it for the gram.


I would love to hear your favourite things about Autumn x



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