Getting Out And About With Two Under Three

September 27, 2018

Just before Poppy was born I wrote a post about our plans on getting out and about with two under three. I say plan, it was more I’m just going to buy everything for all eventualities (story of my life) Anyway Pops is now 9 months old so I thought I would do a little update and tell you exactly how we manage getting out and if I have any regrets on purchases.

Did I need a double buggy?

I don’t think I’ve ever been so conflicted over something in my entire life as to whether a double buggy is nescessary or not and I hate when people ask because honestly I think it all depends on personal circumstance. The reason I had one initially was because I already had an Icandy peach which with a few adaptors could easily turn into a double. To begin with we used it quite a lot, it was winter and Ava was just under two. However as Ava got older we found we were using it less and less. Ava had started nursery in a mornings which she would walk to as it is at the end of our street and in the afternoons we would go out in the car, plus if we went for a day out anywhere Ava would usually walk. After a few months we made the decision to sell the double, there are still times when I wonder if I did the right thing (mainly when Ava is being a pain in the bum) but really I know we were just not getting the use out of it.

We bought a Tula baby carrier and a buggyboard

Just like the double pushchair both these items have come in handy but in all honesty I don’t use them as often as I thought I would. I bought the buggyboard off a friend and it was great for a few months but it very rarely gets used these days. The same as the baby carrier, it was a god send on days out when Poppy was younger but she’s not really a fan of going in it anymore.

How we are now getting out and about with two under three

On the school run Poppy goes in the pushchair and Ava will walk next to us, generally in the afternoons me and my dad will pop to the supermarket so the girls will just go in a trolley or most days the girls will fall asleep in the car so I will run into the shops whilst my dad stays in the car with them. Its quite rare I even bring the pushchair with us, if we are going on a longer shopping trip then I will push Poppy’s pushchair and my dad will hold Ava’s hand if there isn’t a trolley available.

On days out where there will be lots of walking or we are going to a busy shopping centre then we will bring Ava’s microtrike for her to sit on. We were sent the microtrike a while ago and first impressions I hated it, but it has been an absolute godsend. If ever we don’t want Ava running loose or we know a lot of walking is involved we bring this with us, Ava loves being on it and it’s really easy to steer around shops. I will do a proper review for it very soon so look out for that.

We do also still have Ava’s old stroller but we never use it anymore, I will most likely sell it as we always use the microtrike now.

What about when I’m on my own?

As you can see, I very rarely go out with both children on my own other than the school run. My dad is retired so we see each other every day. If things were different I think I would of kept the double buggy a bit longer or made more use of the carrier. On the rare occasion I do venture out on my own I get Ava to stand on the buggy board and I also put her backpack reigns on her (Ava ran off the bus whilst I was still on it trying to get Poppy off, so now I make her wear reigns!)

Do I regret buying anything?

I don’t really regret buying anything as such, because everything did get used just not for as long as I thought they would. My one bit of advice to you would be to buy second hand where possible, you can also rent carriers to test out from your local NCT sling libraries.

I’m sorry this post didn’t really answer any questions but I just wanted to share my experiences and what we found. As ever in parenting, it’s all trial and error!


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