Why I’m Doing Christmas On A Budget This Year

September 26, 2018

Anyone that knows me will know how much I bloody love Christmas, I’m one of those annoying people that is thinking about and planning the perfect Christmas throughout the year, bit like Santa I guess. I love buying presents for people especially my family and will happily buy a LOT of presents, usually with money I don’t have, sound familiar? I was watching the Martin Lewis Christmas show last night and he was talking about the shocking amounts of people that get them selves into hideous debt just to go completely overboard at Christmas. I had already been questioning my own habits and this show just confirmed that my decision to strip Christmas right back was the right one for us.

I will always be a Christmas obsessive and that is not going to change anytime soon. I’m just planning on scaling it down a little. The reasons for this are quite simple really:

1) We are not made of money, I don’t have credit cards anymore and income when you are a self employed blogger isn’t exactly steady. I would rather pay for Christmas experiences and days out than skint ourselves out buying crap that won’t get played with. Afterall memories will last longer than plastic tat.

2) Both girls have birthdays just before and after Christmas. Poppy’s is the 12th of December and Ava’s is the 5th of Feb. We will be drowning in toys if I don’t make this change!

3) Children really aren’t that fussed by having loads of presents, they can only play with one thing at a time. Ava has been playing with the same few Paw Patrol characters for weeks now, she couldn’t give a hoot about any other toys and Poppy is most happy playing with something she shouldn’t be like Ava’s shoe.

4) I have been trying to minimise the amount of stuff we own, it’s so unnecessary and is a bugger when it comes to cleaning. I’d rather the girls had fewer toys that were truly loved and played with rather than loads that get chucked in a storage box never to see the light of day.

With this in mind I’ve been looking at the traditional gifting rhymes,

Something they want

Something they need

Something to wear

Something to read

There are loads of these little rhymes on Pinterest, I will be elaborating on that list a little, it’s too drastic for me to go cold turkey, but I will definitely be trying to stick to similar principles and really minimise the amount of presents I buy them. Ava’s main present will be a wooden dolls house, she saw one at the National Trust childhood museum and fell in love so I know she will spend hours playing with one. I definitely want to buy more wooden toys this year. I’m planning on getting Poppy a Grimm’s rainbow as her main present, yes they are expensive but I know both girls will play with it for years to come and the make really cute room decorations.

Christmas is an extravagant time of year, this year I want to be extravagant with my presence rather than my presents (sorry for all the cheesy lines I’m cracking out in this post!). It’s not going to be easy making such a big change but I’ve got this, who’s with me?!

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