5 Tips For Organising A Stress Free Kids Party

September 20, 2018

My eldest child is 14 so I’ve had my fair share of organising birthday parties. With the Ava coming up to 3 and Poppy almost 1 it’s time to start all over again. As I begin to plan Poppy’s first birthday, it has me thinking of all the parties we had for my son that worked well and those that didn’t work quite as well. Here are my top tips for organising a stress free kids party.

5 Tips For Organising A Stress Free Kids Party

Send invites out with plenty of notice

There’s nothing worse than having no idea how many kids will turn up to the party because you sent the invites out too late and you didn’t have time to chase up the RSVP’S. Or worse still, another child has got their birthday party on the same day. kids have very busy social lives these days!

Arrange an entertainer

I can’t advise this enough, I learnt the hard way that trying to host a birthday party and entertain a bunch of kids is a sure fire recipe for a headache. I spent no time with my own child as I was busy rounding up everyone else’s. Hiring some form of entertainment is a must as children get bored very easily and start to run riot!

Hire a caterer

Parties are stressful enough without having to spend ages making party food. Hiring caterers such as flavours catering, local businesses, or even family members will help things go smoothly and give you plenty of time to concentrate on the guests.

Delegate tasks to family members or friends

If you need help just ask. People will be more than happy to give you a hand. Delegate tasks such as refilling juice, collecting rubbish, handing out party bags etc.

Consider something out of the ordinary

Birthday parties don’t always have to follow the typical party route. Why not consider only inviting a few children and having a swimming pool party, a pony party or even a trampoline party. The beauty of parties like this is that as it’s something different, children are likely to be fully engaged and there will be plenty of staff on hand to run the party for you.

 Remember, the key to organising a stress free kids party is too remain calm and have fun!

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