The Best Family Day at Sudbury Hall

September 18, 2018

Isn’t it amazing when you discover a new place to visit?

We have been National Trust members for over a year now and embarrassingly we have only visited two properties in that time. I thought it was about time we broadened our horizons and ventured further afield. I always assumed we would have to travel miles to another property but actually Sudbury Hall is only 13 miles away just outside of Derby, I really should check distances before writing something off as being too far away!

Anyway I’m so glad we took a chance because Sudbury Hall is such a little gem, it is THE perfect place for little ones. I find most National trust places great for adults and older kids but Sudbury has plenty for little ones too.

Sudbury Hall is home to the National Trust museum of childhood. We had so much fun looking at all the old toys, there was a lot of toys from mine and Andy’s childhood, I love a bit of nostalgia, bit worrying that we are old enough to have toys in a museum though… In each area of the museum they had included a section with toys for everyone to play with, Ava loved playing with an old dolls house and there were even toys suitable for Poppy to play with.

As much as I loved the inside, I was so impressed with the outside areas. The lawn was set up with giant chess, connect 4 and Lego bricks, Ava loved building these whilst we all enjoyed our sandwiches bought from the onsite cafe.

Head through some trees and you will find a large woodland play area, with something for all ages. Ava loved playing on everything.

We had a quick walk past the lake up to the mansion gardens which were beautiful, we didn’t venture inside actual Sudbury Hall though as it was pretty late by this point and little legs were getting tired. I’m sure we will be visiting here a lot so there will be plenty of time for exploring in the future!



I’d totally recommmend a visit if you are local to Derbyshire/Staffordshire

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