Finding The Perfect Office Chair To Suit Your Personal Style

September 17, 2018

As some of you will know I recently took the plunge to be a work from home mum, which I am loving. The only problem is, I don’t have a separate room for my office. My ‘office’ is a actually a desk and a dining room chair in the corner of my lounge. This was suiting me just fine, however, the more my working hours increase the more the need for a proper office chair has increased. As my desk is in my lounge I need an office chair that will not only be comfortable but also reflect my personal style. I need my work space to blend seamlessly with my room and not be an ugly eyesore.

How To Find The Perfect Office Chair To Suit Your Personal Style 

The best way to find the perfect office chair to suit your personal style is to have a look at not only your home decor but also your wardrobe. I generally find that I choose the same colour palette and materials for both. Once you have a colour and fabric in mind you can start narrowing down those choices. #MyChairStyle would be blush pink in colour and made from a soft luxurious fabric, not the most practical colour with 3 kids nor would my husband approve, but I know how great it would look in my room. I think it’s really important to surround yourself with things that make you happy and spark joy, particularly in area where you need to be creative and productive. Obviously it goes without saying that finding a chair that is comfortable and offers excellent support is your first priority.

I love how the below info-graphic #mychair uses celebrity style to demonstrate what the perfect chair would look like for them based on their personal style. Office desks + furniture at work needn’t be boring, why not inject a bit of you into your work place and let your personality shine through!

office chair

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