What My Toddler Ate Tuesday

August 28, 2018

I have been known to binge watch what my toddler eats videos and I love Gee’s blog post series on the topic. Feeding toddlers is HARD, it’s so easy to fall into a routine of feeding them the same thing everyday, that’s why I love getting inspiration from these type of posts. Gee has decided to open up her series in the form of a ‘linky’, basically any blogger who takes part can link their post up to Gee’s, meaning you can have a read of everyone’s posts if you want to.

I know sometimes posts/videos like this can be disheartening for some, which is why I will keep mine as honest as possible. Ava used to be an amazing eater and some days she still is, other days she is a faffer and takes an age to eat half the food I give her, the rest of the time she point blank refuses something just for the fun of it! Why do they do it?! How do they not appreciate how amazing food is?! Anyhoo, before I get into a rant on that, here’s everything my toddler ate today.

What My Toddler Ate Tuesday

*thought I’d add in what my 8 month old eats too incase anyone has little ones.


Ava – 1 crumpet with butter, half a sliced apple, a sippy cup of milk.

Poppy – Half a crumpet, fruit purée.

Ava ate everything including the other half of Poppy’s crumpet. Breakfast is usually the meal that I can rely on for Ava to eat plenty of.


Ava – Jam sandwich, a few raisins, 2 grapes, half a cheese string, Ella’s kitchen carrot puffs ( funny how she suddenly loves these again just because Pops has them), Cherry tomato and a mini organicx oat bar.

Poppy – Cheese spread sandwich, grapes, some cheese string, cherry tomatoes and some carrots puffs.

I always do a picnic plate for lunch, in the hope that it entices Ava to eat it. Ava left the majority of her sandwich and her tomatoes which is pretty standard. She also took an hour to eat the rest, please tell me someone else’s child takes this long to eat too?


Ava – meatballs and spaghetti, mini doughnut for pudding

Poppy – meatballs and spaghetti in tomato sauce, Pops also had a doughnut because we are weak and can’t say no to her.

Ava asked for meatballs, she loves meatballs…Ava ate no meatballs….I did bribe her with doughnuts to eat 4 pieces. Weirdly she ate the spaghetti which she never does. Why are toddlers so unpredictable? She would normally have tomato sauce but she bit her tongue the other day and any tomato based stings.

I hope you find these posts helpful, don’t forget to check out Gee’s post too.


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