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August 24, 2018

I have decided to do a new weekly series over here sharing some of my favourite things. Favourites posts are the ones I read the most, I love seeing what other people are loving, it’s such a good way to find new things. So I’m going to be sharing my favourites on a certain topic every week, I’d love to read your faves in the comments too. I thought it would be only right to start this new blogging series by listing some of my fave bloggers.

 Gee Gardner

Gee’s blog is a good mix of lifestyle, parenting and beauty, her flat lays and photography are to die for and her blog is just so pretty. I always check out Gee’s blog when I’m looking for beauty recommendations and she has a pretty awesome section on blogging tips which I find so helpful, her blog post ideas posts are great when you are needing some inspo. I’m also really looking forward to joining in her new ‘what my toddler ate Tuesday’ Series.

Treasure Every Moment

I love reading parenting blogs by other stay at home mums with interests similar to mine. Helen’s mix of parenting hacks, recipes, days out and reviews make for a really interesting read. She also has two young girls like me and I love seeing what activities she gets up to with the girls.

Hannah Gale

So I’m not entirely sure where I’ve been in the blogging world but today was the first day that I have ever read Hannah’s blog, I know, I know, I’m a BIT late to the party. I have binge read her posts and can totally see why everyone loves her. Her post ‘on not being ok’ really resonated with me, I could of written that exact post myself, it summed up how I felt after having Poppy perfectly.


I couldn’t do a post on my favourite bloggers without mentioning the one blog that got me obsessed with not only the world of blogging but YouTube too. I stumbled across Khila’s blog years ago and got lost down a rabbit hole of reading all her posts. She was the first person I watched on YouTube and is still one of the only people I watch every video of. Through her blog and YouTube channel I also found Em’s channel who I absolutely adore watching.

Brummy Mummy of 2

If you are ever in need of someone to cheer you up, I implore you to head over to Emma’s blog and YouTube channel. Her posts and videos never fail to make me laugh and I can really relate to her. I’m no spring chicken, not by today’s blogging standards, I love pyjamas, spend more time in my dressing gown than any other item of clothing, get excited by new stationary and am partial to a striped tee so to find a blog that embraces those things and some, well I’m in blog heaven. I’m also broke from buying everything that Emma shares! She’s a real ‘influencer’ eurgh I hate that word but if I buy something off the back of someones content, then yes, I have been well and truly influenced.

Of course there are so many other blogs that I absolutely love and hate not mentioning everyone but if I did you would be ready this post forever! I will be sure to do another favourite bloggers post in the future.

Next weeks Friday Faves will be my monthly round up of everything I’ve loved this month, so make sure you look out for that next week.

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  1. Luna says:

    Some great blog suggestions there, Gee & Brummy Mummy are great and shall look at the others too. Main ones ive followed are:

    Mum In The Madhouse (
    Rainy Day Mum (
    A Mum Reviews (

    Though one that had biggest effect on my life, personal confidence and relationship as a whole was:

    Tracey Cox (

    Keep up the great content! x

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