What To Do If You Lose Your Phone

July 30, 2018

Do you know what to do if you lose your phone? My phone is my lifeline, my work, my photo album I would be totally lost without it. I’ll admit, since having 2 children close in age, my brain is a bit sieve like (I can still blame baby brain 8 months on right??) and on more than one occasion I’ve put my phone down and completely forgotten where. Stupidly this doesn’t occur just in the house either, the other day I left it on a table at Ava’s dance class. I really need to sort some phone insurance for it incase some less than honest person picks it up. If you do happen to lose your phone, here are some steps you should take as soon as you realise it is missing.

What To Do If You Lose Your Phone

Text your old phone with your contact details

I had never even thought about doing but it makes so much sense. How many times do we see people on Facebook trying to track down the owner of the phone they have found. To save all that hassle simply text your with a quick message to say you have misplaced your phone at ….. location, your name and a number the person who found your phone can contact you on immediately. It’s important to do this step first before your battery dies.

Put your phone in lockdown mode

I didn’t actually know you could do this! If you visit Icloud.com enter your Apple ID and password, choose your device, then select ‘lost mode’ this will protect your valuable information such as passwords and photos as well as suspend the bank cards linked to your account. Android users can do this too by visiting android.com and enabling ‘lock and erase’

Make sure ‘find my Iphone’ is enabled

This really is an invaluable little app…. as long as it is turned on! Recently my sons friend lost his phone but couldn’t track it because find Iphone wasn’t on. Thankfully he did find his phone the following morning in the next street, if only find Iphone was on, he could of found it instantly. Android has a similar function if you log into your account online.

Report your phone lost

As soon as you realise your phone is lost it is best to alert your provider and get your phone blocked just incase it falls into the wrong hands. Getting it blocked straight away will stop you getting any potentially large phone bills heading your way. Don’t forget to ask your provider for your IMEI number as you will need this when reporting to the police.

Protect your social media and email accounts

If you are anything like me then you will be automatically signed in to all your accounts, I hate typing in login details. If anyone did steal my phone they would potentially have access to everything. Make sure you log out of all your accounts and change all the passwords as soon as possible

There are some steps you can take now to safeguard incase you lose it in the future.

  • Always use a passcode
  • Turn find my phone on, do it now!
  • Back up your data and photos regularly, I use the google drive and google photos app.
  • Don’t forget to insure your phone
  • Stop putting off the updates, I know installing them can be annoying but often these include bug fixes to help secure your phone from potential hackers.

I’m about to go through and make sure I implement these steps as I feel like it’s only a matter of time before I accidentally leave it somewhere again. We spend so much of our time on our phones these days, I hope this post has helped you to know what to do if you lose your phone and will enable you to protect it should the worst happen.

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