Essential Tips For Travelling Vapers

July 22, 2018

essential tips for travelling vapers

The e-cigarette is without a doubt the most successful way to quit smoking and for many ex-smokers, their vape kit is a very important item to include when packing for a trip. There are a few things to consider when travelling and vaping, and with that in mind, here are some essential tips for travelling vapers to ensure a trouble free trip.

Essential Tips For Travelling Vapers

Consider the Local Laws on Vaping

While it might be perfectly OK to vape in your country, the same might not apply in other countries. If you are planning to visit Thailand, for example, vaping is illegal (crazy but true) and you might even end up in jail! Every country has their own laws and all it takes to check regarding the laws in a country is an online search, so it is better to be safe than sorry. There might not be suppliers of vaping items where you are going, so buy from an e juice and vape shop online UK vapers rely on, just to be sure you won’t run out.

Air Travel and Vaping

Unfortunately, vaping is not allowed on any flights and in case you are thinking to have a crafty vape in the toilets, the very sensitive smoke detectors will pick up the vapour. It isn’t because of second hand smoke that vaping on board and aircraft is forbidden, it is more to do with the use of lithium batteries. As you may already know, any liquids you are taking onto a plane must first be sealed in a clear plastic Ziploc bag (you are advised to do this at home) as you would with mouthwash and other liquids you plan to include in your luggage.

Disconnect Batteries

You should make sure that your e-cigarette batteries are stored separately and that the device is not in workable condition, at least for the flight and if you neglect to do this, it is likely you will create a hold up at security prior to boarding. The batteries should be stored in a separate bag from the device, which ensures that they are safe for air travel. There is an informative article with tips for travelling with a vaping kit, to ensure you are well prepared.

Adequate E-Liquid Supplies

Depending on the duration of your stay, you should make sure you have more than enough e juice to see you through until your return. Buying from an online supplier ensures you don’t pay high street prices and with such a wide variety of tastes, you could always add a few new flavours to sample while away.

Pack your Vaping Kit Securely

It is always a good idea to keep all your vaping equipment in a special case, which will protect the contents during travelling, and by making sure the batteries are disconnected, you will be ready to board your flight.

Vaping is a healthier way to ingest nicotine than smoking tobacco and by considering the above essential tips for travelling vapers, you should have a trouble-free vaping experience.

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