Review: Summer Infant 4 in 1 Superseat

July 17, 2018

I have been eyeing up the Summer Infant 4 in 1 superseat for quite a while now so when Summer Infant got in touch offering us one to review, I was delighted. I love that the seat grows with the child, saving money in the long run. The 4 in 1 superseat was really easy to put together and switching between the stages was super easy to do too. The activity tray is really engaging for little hands and the detachable teether is much appreciated now Poppy is teething. Here is exactly what the seat does and why I think it is such a good investment.

Review: Summer Infant 4 in 1 Superseat

Stage 1 – Sit up support

Stage one is a soft support chair to help babies learn to sit up unaided, suitable from around 4 months. Pops is a bit on the chubby side but she has plenty of room in this chair. She loves being able to sit up and feel like she is playing with Ava.

Summer Infant 4 in 1 Superseat

Stage 2 – 360 Activity tray

I really like the activity tray on this seat as does Poppy, I think it looks really engaging for little hands. Poppy loves the pull out shape sorter toys and the bead slider. She really likes being able to roll the spinner ball too. The detachable teether is coming in really handy now Poppy is teething. I love that it can be attached to seat but then when it’s time to go out, we can take them with us. Ava also loves playing with the shape sorter bit too, anything that entertains both children is a winner in my eyes!

Stage 3 – Feeding tray

One thing I really love about this seat is that if you swivel the play tray around you have a feeding tray, perfect for snacks or if you are just starting weaning and high chair seems so big, this is the ideal middle ground. Poppy has a couple of snacks a day, usually rice cakes or melty puffs, the tray comes in really handy instead of getting the high chair out.

Stage 4 – Booster seat

Possibly my favourite option about the seat, once the tray is (very easily) clipped off, the chair can be used as a booster seat for the table. In the past I have had a similar chair that has had to be sold once it has been outgrown and I’ve also purchased booster seats. I LOVE that this is all in one and really will last for years to come and grow with Poppy’s needs. Babies outgrow items really quickly, I think it’s very rare to find something that will stay with them for so long. The booster seat can be attached to a chair with the straps provided and baby is secured with a 3 point safety harness. My 2 and a half year old was testing this option for me and she fits in the chair comfortably and really liked it.

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