Poppy’s 7 Month Update – Sleep, Weaning, Skills

July 16, 2018

Somehow my tiny little baby is now closer to being a one year old than she is to being a newborn, sob! She is now learning and mastering new skills everyday and her cheeky personality is really starting to shine through. Poppy has slotted in to our lives so well and is just a little bundle of joy. Ava is loving Poppy getting older, they have been playing together and growing closer, it’s so heartwarming to see. I was supposed to do a 6 months update but life just got in the way and by the time I got her weighed she was way past 6 months, so instead, here is Poppy’s 7 month update.

Poppy’s 7 Month Update

Poppy now weighs 17lb 3oz, which funnily enough is the exact same weight Ava weighed at this age, Pops just looks chubbier thanks to that chin! They really are the same child sometimes. Pops is so cheeky, she is in to everything! You can’t walk past anything without her managing to grab something, she’s a nightmare, I really do need eyes in the back of my head when it comes to her. She is such a happy little baby and really laid back, she’s quite happy to go with the flow, thankfully Ava entertains her A LOT.


We started weaning Poppy when she turned 6 months old, you can read a little about it here. Pops is absolutely loving food and will eat anything you give her, shes always been rubbish at drinking her milk, she’s just not a fan, food on the other hand is a different story. On a typical day, Poppy will have porridge for breakfast, some finger food for lunch, we have just started trying her on little sandwiches, and she has a pureed meal at dinner time, usually just a pouch one, I give her this just before our dinner and then we eat, we give her some veg to munch on. She still has 4 bottles of formula throughout the day, at 5am, 9am, 1pm and 6pm usually. Poppy only has 2 teeth but despite that she is really good at chewing food.


Hmmm I almost left this section out altogether! Poppy’s sleeping is less than ideal right now, well, I can’t moan too much, in some ways she’s better than most babies but when you are used to having a child that loves sleep, having a non lover really kicks your ass. Currently she goes to bed about 6.30, settles herself off, all is well….untill the partying starts anywhere between half 3 and half 5. She seems to be waking up earlier and earlier just lately, which is why she has taken up permanent residence in our bedroom. The plan was for Ava and Poppy to share as soon as Poppy started sleeping until 7, now we are not sure that is ever going to happen! I can’t fault her sleeping in the day time though, so it’s not all bad.


Poppy has started to pick up things so fast, in the last week she has started waving, shaking her head, clapping and making her first attempts at crawling. She is very vocal, and loves shouting baba, hiya, and dada, she particularly loves shouting these in the middle of the night, along with blowing raspberries at herself in the mirror! Poppy is really confident at sitting up now and will happily sit playing with toys. She rolls all over the place and manages to push herself backwards, she can get up on her hands and knees and is desperate to crawl, in the last couple of days she has been attempting to army crawl and has managed to move herself a little bit, I reckon in a few more days she will of mastered it, let the baby proofing commence…again.

Likes and dislikes

Poppy is a really easy going baby, she loves nothing more than being with her big sister, I have a feeling they are going to be very close as they grow up. Ava only has to look at Poppy and she is in fits of laughter. She loves being sung to, being tickled and most definitely being fed. Her favourite toy at the minute is Ava’s wooden building blocks , she loves to bash them together and is always chewing on one. Her one and only dislike is being wiped, why do all babies act like you are trying to wipe their faces with acid? I remember Ava being exactly the same.

7 month update

2 responses to “Poppy’s 7 Month Update – Sleep, Weaning, Skills”

  1. Victoria says:

    I love your frank and honest blog. Our little boy Oliver is still in our room and he is 10 months old and my daughter Ellie is nearly 3 and he still wakes up too. We also dont want to disturb her too much as shes a really light sleeper and doesnt go back off easily if shes woken up. My partner and I have started to fall asleep downstairs on sofa in an evening and just stay there most nights to save hassle. Like camping in the living room though a little more comfortable. It makes things a little more awkward to go to upstairs to the toilet and brush teeth to come back down but the fridge is closer… and although its a novelty & exciting at first, sex in lounge can be awkward when our 8 year old comes wandering in at all hours. Only so many times hes going to believe ive lost my glasses under the blanket, hope we can both move the children out of our rooms and get some normality back soon. Look forward to reading more of your content. x

  2. Grace Meikle says:

    Love your raw and honest posts, its amazing how fast time goes and things dont always work out as we intend and situations can be less than ideal. Just have to make most of what you have, the lounge isnt a bad place to sleep so long as it isnt tiny and if you have a sofa big and comfy enough for you both. Just have to have some extended Netflix (and chill) sessions and take a duvet down there until little one sleeps through and see how it goes.

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