Summer At Blithbury Reindeer Lodge – Meet The Babies Event

July 12, 2018

It’s not everyday you get up close and personal with reindeer, that is exactly what we did when we went to the baby reindeer event at Blithbury reindeer lodge. We have previously visited Blithbury reindeer lodge at Christmas twice but this is the first summer the lodge has been open to the public. Having undergone a huge makeover at the start of the year, the lodge is now able to open up all year round. With a brand new toddler soft play area, mini racecourse with ride on toys, bouncy castle, small animal barn, and cafe. It’s a lovely place to visit with little ones. The reindeer’s can be seen lazing in the fields overlooking beautiful countryside, resting up for the big day.

Summer At Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

We went along to the first event held at the newly refurbished lodge – meet the baby reindeer’s. In case you didn’t know, my two biggest loves in life are Christmas and baby animals, so you can imagine my excitement. My two year old, Ava is also a big fan so I knew she would really enjoy it. We arrived just in time to catch the first event of the day, which was a little introduction from the owner, telling us all about the farm and his beloved reindeer’s. The talk did run over a bit time wise but that was purely down to how passionate ‘the reindeer man’ is. We found things overran slightly at Christmas too, but it is only a small team of people running everything, and there is plenty to do to keep everyone occupied.

After checking out the play barns and watching the reindeer’s get fed it was time for the next event, the reindeer race. Myself and a couple others with cameras got invited inside the racetrack to get some good pictures, in my head I was convinced I was about to be taken out by a rouge antler but I needn’t have worried, they were a safe distance away from us and were closely monitored by the staff. What an experience!

After the race, we had the option to meet the race reindeer or go and see the babies, no contest there was there, we went straight to the babies. I’m not sure what I was expecting but standing in the middle of a field surround by baby reindeer and their mums was not it. Ava’s face was a picture, it was such a magical experience. The reindeer were wary to begin with but as Steve (the reindeer man) lives on the lodge overlooking their field all the reindeer were used to him and soon started coming closer to us. Steve gave us plenty of time to take in our surroundings and snap plenty of pictures before escorting us out of the field.

Ava then went of her first ever donkey ride (which she loved) before heading off to the main play barn for some food and a play in the soft play. We choose to have burgers and hot dogs for lunch as it was such a lovely summery day. The food, whilst basic, was well priced and tasty. There was also a selection of sandwiches, snacks and drinks to choose from. The soft play area was a big hit with Ava and even Poppy got to play in the little baby area. I find not many small soft plays cater for babies so it was nice to see a little area just for them. The soft play itself, whilst small, had lots to offer including the all important slide into the ball pit. It also had a small trampoline area which Ava loved and a big separate ball pit, plus various toys dotted around to play with.

After lunch it was time for a quick nappy change in the newly added baby change room, Steve had asked me earlier on in the day if we had been yet, a lot of thought had been put into the room and he was keen to get some feedback of what parents thought of it. First up, I was please to see it was quite a large room with plenty of space for nappy changing. It was nice to see seating had been put in there too, perfect for anyone breastfeeding. I loved the extra touches that had been put into the room such as wipes and nappy bags and I noticed a heater had been added for the colder months. It’s always nice to find somewhere with a dedicated baby change area.

In the afternoon the events were repeated, so Ava and her dad went to watch the reindeer race again and me and Poppy went off for a walk to see the reindeer’s in the fields. Ava then got chance to meet the race reindeer’s we missed earlier. The reindeer ended up putting his head on Ava’s head, something she has found hilarious ever since. We then all headed off for one last walk around the fields, grabbed a quick ice lolly to cool us off before heading home.

We were all thoroughly impressed with the changes made at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge. It gained a bit of bad press last Christmas so I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised. There was quite a lot of building work still going on so I’m excited to see it all when it’s completely finished. We will definitely be bringing the girls up here regularly to play and checking out the other summer events.

As for the big C word, that’s where the lodge really comes to life with lots of different experiences on throughout November and December. We are planning to attend Santa’s arrival and to take the girls to meet Santa on the toddlers only day. We loved both of these events in the past and I’m sure with all the changes and improvements it will be better than ever!

summer at blithbury reindeer lodge

Summer at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge is open Tuesday-Sunday 10am – 6pm £5.50 per child (under twos may be free but don’t quote me on that as it does not state on the website, but they were free on the event we went to)

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