Piccolo Review: Weaning At 6 Months

July 5, 2018

When Piccolo got in touch asking if Poppy would like to try their pouches I was over the moon. As we were starting weaning at 6 months I knew their products would be perfect. Piccolo are my favourite brand of baby food pouch and are a big hit in our house with both girls. If you are unfamiliar with Piccolo, they are an organic baby food brand, they work closely with charities ensuring 10% of the sale of every pouch goes to food education charities. Piccolo was founded by Cat, who believes in giving children the best start in life by eating good, honest, nutritional food. You won’t find any nasties in these puree’s, just good wholesome food mixed with just the right amount of herbs and spices to really help your babies tastes buds develop.

As someone who loves to cook from scratch but with 3 kids just does not have time everyday, I love that by eating these pouches, Poppy is experiencing such a good range flavours. I believe it’s really important to introduce a variety of flavours early on to avoid any fussy behaviour later on. Piccolo have a passion for the Mediterranean culture, think bright sunshine, fresh food and eating as a family. A lot of their pouches are inspired by the Mediterranean diet, which is naturally packed full of superfoods.

Weaning at 6 months, First tastes, combi weaning

Poppy started weaning at 6 months. Starting off with the stage one purees, which are a super smooth veg and fruit mix and at 6 month old babies. We gave Poppy purely veg puree’s to begin before moving on to the sweeter fruit ones and eventually the mixed ones. Her favourites from this stage were the pure banana, carrot, sweet potato and squash and the pear,fig and butternut squash.We quickly found that Poppy preferred a thicker texture as she was trying to chew the smoother puree’s and failing as they were coming out of her mouth. We decided to try the stage 2 pouches and she is handling these much better. Stage 2 are still pureed, they are just slightly thicker and have a lumpier texture plus they offer a much more diverse range of flavours which Poppy is really loving. Her favourites so far are the squash, mac and cheese and the three grain vegetable risotto.

We have been feeding poppy a mix of puree’s and finger food. We did the same with Ava initially before moving to fully baby led. The plan with Pops is to go with the flow and let her lead. She is doing really well with her finger foods but absolutely loves her pouches so for the time being we will continue to combi wean her. Typically she will have a puree just before we eat and then we will give her some finger food, usually some easy to hold veg, whilst we are eating. If I know our meal is suitable for baby led weaning then she will have a selection of foods from that.

Moving on, Piccolo Isn’t just for babies

Moving on from Puree’s, Piccolo have recently bought out a range of meals aimed at babies 10 months and above. There are 4 little pots of goodness in the range – Quinoa with pumpkin and sweet potato, Quinoa with vegetable ratatouille, Baby pasta with sweet potato bolognese and Baby pasta with vegetable and kale pesto. I’m sure Poppy will love all of those.

Piccolo pouches are not just for babies either, my two year old Ava loves the fruit pouches. She can be a bit of a fussy eater when it comes to veg so these pouches are perfect for getting some extra goodness into her. If we do decide to fully do baby led weaning with Poppy in the future, I would still incorporate the fruit and veg pouches into her diet. They are always really handy to have as a snack when we are out and about too.

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I’d love to hear how you weaned your little ones.

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