Five Things I’ve Loved In June

July 4, 2018

It’s my first month of joining in with Rachael and Georgia’s new monthly blog post series – Five Things. The purpose of the post is to write down five things that you have loved during the last month, the only rule is that if you are a parent, your list can’t be anything to do with your children. I think it’s such a great idea as we often lose ourselves when we become parents, this is the perfect way to remember what makes us happy. I love reading these kind of posts, they are such a good way of discovering new things and opening your mind up to new possibilities.

Five Things I’ve Loved In June


Yep, I know, it’s an Instagram/blogger cliche, however, Peonies were the flowers I chose for my wedding, long before the Insta hype. I love having them in the house as it reminds me of our wedding day. We also went out and bought a bunch to use in our pregnancy announcement for Poppy, so they give me all the feels and hold a special place in my heart.

Love Island

I couldn’t talk about June and not mention Love Island could I?! We only started watching it last year and now we are totally hooked. It’s complete trash TV but we love it, I’m not sure Andy would admit that, but he’s on twitter checking out the hashtag before I am, sooo. I’ve been loving my little Love Island rants with fave girls too, for such a questionable TV show, it has a great way of bringing people together.


CentreParcs is my happy place and I so glad we got to go back last week. Give me a week there over going abroad any day, although thanks to this insane weather it felt like we were abroad! We packed so much into our week and just had the best time. There’s something so fairytale like about being surrounded by nature, our first day some tiny ducklings wandered into our villa, I’m surprised my happy squeals didn’t scare the crap out of them (thankfully no ducks shat on the carpet). I feel so relaxed and recharged after our week in the forest. I’m already looking at going back later in the year.

Baileys strawberries and cream

I spent a lot of time trying to track down this bad boy and I finally succeeded (and went back for more). It’s the perfect summer drink and mixed with milk, it goes down very easily indeed. It has definitely over took Pimms as my favourite summer tipple. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging too and this bottle ticks all the boxes. I found it in Sainsbury’s for £16.

New Shoes

sainsburys yellow sandals

You know you love a pair of shoes when you spend the majority of time staring at them. My feet are pretty annoying when it comes to finding new shoes, I always seem to be in-between sizes and most shoes rub me, that’s why I stick to my faithful converse all the time. These sandals from Sainsburys however are so soft and fit perfectly, they were only £16, I’m tempted to go back and get them in the other colour (dark green) I have been wearing them loads since we have been having this amazing weather.



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6 responses to “Five Things I’ve Loved In June”

  1. Thanks for joining in!! Loved reading this, and made me laugh about your OH checking the love island hashtag first

  2. Definitely go back and get the other sandals! You can never have too many shoes, especially sandals in this glorious weather! How cute do those tiny ducklings sound!! I really want a break away and I’ve heard such ood things about Centre Parcs! Love your #fivethings

    Laura xx

  3. I have literally just seen that Baileys in Morrisons and I am very tempted by it! Peonies are beautiful, my Mum has them in her garden. Sarah

  4. THOSE SHOES!! Love them, also I am all about the peonies. I am a walking, talking blogging cliché but I honestly don’t care. Rachael xx #FIVETHINGSLINKY

  5. Claire says:

    I love your shoes!! I needed a pair of sandals this year and I did pick some up that I settled on but these are amazing! I cannot wait to go to center parcs again, I went once when I was around 14 I think and I absolutely loved it! Can’t wait to take bear. And those peonies are so beaut! I didn’t manage to pick any up but I’ve been loving seeing them, they’re so pretty! And hey from #FiveThingsLinky

  6. Just found your blog via the linky, hey! The yellow sandals are so cool, Sainsbury’s is such a go to place of mine for fashion. x

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