Sightings From…. June

July 2, 2018

June has been a pretty amazing month, hectic and we are all pretty knackered, but amazing none the less. The weather has been ridiculously nice meaning we have had plenty of outdoor adventures. It started off with a lovely walk around our local National Trust property, a trip up the woods to find The Gruffalo, and a day out at the funfair. Shortly followed by an amazing day at ThomasLand, Ava went on so many rides, she was loving life and asks to go back daily! The month ended with meeting baby reindeer’s and a holiday to CentreParcs. I will be doing a few posts on CentreParcs as we crammed in so many good activities and and just had the best time.

June also saw my little Popsy turn 6 months, learn to sit up on her own and start weaning, she is absolutely loving food, no surprises there, the little chunk. It’s really nice seeing Ava and Poppy play together now Pops can sit up and interact a bit more. Ava also took part in her Summer ballet show this month, she did so well in it, well after she stopped lying down on the floor that is! There is always one….and it’s usually Ava!


July is going to be a pretty chilled out month, I think we need it after this month, god knows my bank balance certainly does! I hope you all have a lovely month xx


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