My First Baby Turns 14, Happy Birthday Jack!

July 1, 2018

14?! How the frigging hell has that happened? I really can’t believe my cheeky, funny baby boy is just a few years off being an adult. I am so not OK with that. Who’d of thought 16 year old little me would of raised such a lovely young man, all those people that judged and didn’t think I could do it, well, I’m sure you can guess what I’d say to them now.

Jack is my laid back one, my calm to the craziness of the two girls. There are no teenage tantrums or strops, he just takes things in his stride. I mean, sometimes he’s a little too laid back for my liking, if I have to hang up clothes that I asked him to do, only to find them shoved into his wardrobe one more time I may scream, and lets not even talk about how many times I have to remind him to hurry up in a morning. Yeah if you think that ends as they get older, it doesn’t, infact it gets worse, soz.

If my honest, the thought of having a teenager scared the shit out of me, I was a bit if a dickhead teenager and got up to things I definitely shouldn’t. I had my worries that Jack might do the same but so far he continues to make me proud every single day with how well behaved he is. Yes, he probably gets up to more than I know about but if his only vice is him and his mate getting off their tits on a bottle of energy drink, and blowing his pocket money in JD Sports then I’m a very happy Mama.

Nothing makes me fill with love more though, than how he is with his sisters. He is sooo good with them, especially Ava. We all know Ava’s a pain in the bum at times but he’s always so patient with her, even when she’s trying to steal his beloved phone. The love all three of them share is amazing, despite the big age gap. I can only hope this carries on for the rest of their lives.

It’s really odd being a mum to a teenager, it wasn’t THAT long ago that I was a teenager myself. I’d like to think I’m a cool Mom but I think he may disagree. I do feel, for the most part that we are more friends than mum and son, especially now he shares a lot of the same interests as us. It’s a bit surreal having a kid old enough to sit watching Love Island with us, at least it gives me a chance to lecture his ass to never treat girls like Adam and Wes!


Jack, my first baby, the one that made me who I am today, the one that annoys the hell out of me because we are so alike. I love you beyond belief, you make me prouder everyday. keep being you because you are pretty damn awesome!

Happy Birthday!!

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