Our CentreParcs Activity Plans For 2018

June 26, 2018

Eeeeek I am so excited to be going back to CentreParcs! Last time we went Ava was only a couple of months old, this time she will be 2 and a half, she is going to love it so much. Ava loves being outside, exploring and animals, there really is no place more suited to her. CentreParcs is THE perfect place for families, there really is something for everyone. Our children are 14, 2 and 6 months and each one has activities aimed at their age group. Even if you didn’t want to pay for any of the activities, there is still plenty to do to keep everyone happy. I thought I would share our CentreParcs activity plans with you all to give you an idea of whats available and how we plan to keep 3 kids occupied for the week. I will of course do a full review once we are home.

Our CentreParcs Activity Plans

Baby Sensory

We took Ava to this class when we went before, it was such a lovely little class, it was top of my list to book for Poppy. The baby sensory class takes place in a dedicated sensory room full of lights, sounds and textures plus some messy play for the slightly older babies. From what I remember last time, the class starts with some singing and then you are free to explore with your little ones. I’m really excited to take Poppy to this one as we have no baby sensory classes in our area.

Mucky Pups messy play

Whilst I take Poppy to baby sensory I have booked this messy play class for Andy to take Ava to. Ava loves anything like this and we really miss taking her to messy play since our local one closed down.

Roller Tots

I might be being a bit ambitious with this one but I though it sounded fun and it’s not something Ava gets to do everyday (or at all, I’d be a nervous wreck) Roller Tots is aimed at 2-5 year olds so I’m hoping Ava is going to love it. She is going to look so cute in a little pair of roller skates.

Pony Trek

This activity is really expensive for what it is, £18.50 for a 15 minute pony trek through some woodland but I know how happy Ava will be. She has only ever sat on a pony, never rode one so she is really excited about it.

Baby Owl Experience

Ava loves owls! When I saw this activity to meet the baby owls I had to book it for her. I’m so happy to find an owl experience aimed at her age group as most are aimed at much older children.

Balance Bike Lesson

Ava is the proud owner of not one but two toddler bikes but to be honest she is getting a bit big for them now. That’s why I thought a balance bike lesson would not only be something that Ava would really enjoy but also something to help her get used to a bigger, more grown up bike.

Soccer Play

Who says girls can’t like football too? Ava is a big fan of playing football. She is going to love kicking around a giant ball. Ava is a sociable little thing and enjoys being around other children so I’ve tried to book her as many little group activities as I could.


I couldn’t book the girls activities and not book a couple for my son, especially seeing as it’s his birthday in a few days time. The first activity I booked for him and Andy is an hour’s crossbow. This sounds like so much fun. Jack is really excited to shoot a crossbow.


This one is a bit more for Andy than Jack but I’m sure they are going to have so much fun. Andy loves paintball and Jack has never been. I am not looking forward to them moaning about their injuries however.


The Swimming area is one of the best things about CentreParcs. There is something for all ages and abilities. I’m so excited for Ava to go this time around. She is going to love the kids pool and play area. Jack and Andy’s favourite bit is the rapids and the wave pool. There is a little mini pool for babies so Poppy can go swimming for the first time too.

That’s all of our CentreParcs activity plans. It’s going to be an action packed few days but that’s just how we like it. I may book bowling on one of the days too if I’m feeling brave (Ava is wild and I’m pretty sure she would just be trying to run down the lane the whole time). There are lots of little play parks, soft play areas and even a man made beach to keep everyone occupied too.

If you have been before, did you have any CentreParcs activity plans? I’d love to hear your favourites.


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