Baby Teething Essentials, Must Haves, Favourites

June 13, 2018

It’s that dreaded time again, Poppy is getting her first little toothypegs. She is trying to chomp down on anything she can get hold of like a rabid dog (seriously, she even growls). Pops is my third baby so I’m pretty clued up on all things teething and have my favourite baby teething essentials on hand ready to help her cut those pesky teeth. Here are the products I love and have used on all my babies including a new one which I am really excited to try out.

Baby Teething Essentials, Must Haves, Favourites


Ashton and Parsons teething powder

I’ll be honest I have absolutely no idea what these powders do, they were recommended by a friend when Ava first started teething and we have been using them since. They are a natural herbal remedy and seem to work wonders on both girls. Price wise they are a little bit on the expensive side but you do get 20 sachets so its not too bad, I often find them a little cheaper in Home Bargains. Not suitable for everyone though as they do contain lactose.

Dentinox teething gel

Teething gel is an absolute must have when it comes to baby teething essentials! We have tried Bongela, teetha, and Calgel and all are equally as good, I just seem to pick up the dentinox one the most as it’s normally pretty cheap in Home Bargains. Both girls like the taste of this one, Pops isn’t keen on the taste of Bongela.

Sophie La Giraffe

This is a random one in the list because Ava did not love Sophie The Giraffe at all, she ended up being one of those baby buys that are a total waste of money. So much so I didn’t even consider getting Poppy one. However as I said Pops is a bit of rabid dog like and likes to gnaw on things so off I went in search of a new Sophie. Poppy loves biting on it so I can see this one sticking around. This is a perfect example of how all babies are different and what works for one won’t necessarily work for another.

Mam bite and brush teether

I love love love this! The Mam bite and brush teether is the perfect size for little hands to easily grasp hold of and the biting part is just the right size to fit in little mouths. This has been a favourite with both of my girls and I would definitely recommend purchasing one.

Gummee Glove

We recently bought the Gummee Glove from The Baby Show after hearing so many good things about it. Like the MAM teether, this is perfect for little babies. The glove fits over baby’s hand nicely and is secured by Velcro around their wrist. It has two textured silicone  teething areas on either side, where baby would naturally put their fist in their mouth, and a detachable silicone teething ring. The glove can be machine washed and the detachable ring can be washed in warm soapy water and sterilised using the standard methods.

I love that is has a high contrast patterned crinkle patch on it too as I love anything that can be used for sensory play, it certainly helps keep Poppy interested in the glove. As an added bonus it also comes with laundry/travel pouch, I think this is a fab idea as I always worry how clean Poppy’s teethers are when I throw them into the changing bag, with the Gummee Glove I know that It is being kept nice and clean in it’s little bag. If you are worried about the material used there is absolutely no need, the glove is made from 100% cotton, and the teethers are made from food grade silicone which is BPA and Phthalate free. Gummee glove also comes in a variety of sizes and colours, we will definitely be purchasing the next size up.


Bickiepegs have been helping teething babies for a long time (90 years infact). I remember buying them for my son 14 years ago and I know my dad also used them when I was teething. I am sure you will of heard of them but if not, Bickiepegs are a natural teething biscuit (which comes with a safety ribbon) suitable for babies from 6 months, Poppy has just turned 6 months so I’m excited to start using them again.

Bickiepegs are specially designed and shaped to help babies cope with the teething process as well as help with the development of babies jaw bone, muscles and teeth, all key aspects of developing chewing skills and speech. Poppy is a biter, the hardness of the biscuit is really going to help her. Bickiepegs are recommended by Dentists,Doctors and Health Visitors. They contain no added salt or sugar, however they are not suitable for wheat allergy sufferers as they are made from wheat flour.


Feel free to leave your favourite baby teething essentials in the comments, what works for us isn’t necessarily going to work for every baby so any advice is always appreciated.


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