Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2018, Low Cost Gifts

June 7, 2018

I toyed with the idea of doing a Fathers Day Gift Guide but if I’m honest I’m not a fan of doing them. I didn’t want to miss Fathers Day out completely though as I’ve found some really nice things. Here’s some Fathers Day gift ideas based on what I have actually bought or intend to buy for Andy, my dad and Andy’s dad.

Fathers Day gift ideas 2018

Panasonic rechargeable shaver

Buying my Dad a razor has become a bit of a tradition for Father’s Day, that man has had a LOT of razors in his lifetime. This tradition seems awfully wasteful so I have been looking into getting him a rechargeable shaver this year. The new Panasonic 3-Blade Shaver is a perfect gift man in your life. It features a multi-flex 3D head which follows the contours of the face, can be used wet or dry, is washable and it even has a little LED battery power display too. My favourite feature however is the beard density sensor, which adapts the power of the shaver based on how hard or fine the hairs are, meaning you get a close shave that is gentle on the skin, genius! This is a pricier item but just think of all the cash you will save not buying disposables.

Beer crate and craft beers

father's day gift ideas

First up I picked this wooden beer crate up in Home Bargains. I just love it and for this price (£2.99 I think) I thought it would make a lovely little extra gift to hold the all important beers. The crate holds 6 bottles and even has a bottle opener on the side. The beer bottles I bought to go inside were from Aldi and Home Bargains, all priced around £1.20.

Penwizard personalised character book

This is one of my favourite Fathers Day gift ideas I’ve ever had. I bought Andy this personalised Peppa book off Ava for his first Fathers Day and he loved it, we all did. Andy also bought me one for mother’s day too. Penwizard have bought out a Paw Patrol personalised book this year which I know Andy and Ava will love reading together.

Footprint prints

fathers day gift ideas

When Ava was 4 months old I got her little handprint printed onto a ceramic tile for her dad and grandads for Father’s Day. It is such a cute sentimental gift that can be treasured forever. I plan to get Poppy’s footprint done for them this year. I had this done at a local pottery place so it’s worth checking your local ones too, you could get mugs, plates etc. done too.


Buying a tshirt for a present is always a good move in our house. Thankfully the shops are awash with cool tshirts around Father’s Day. You could even create your own tshirts by having your own design printed on them or even better, get the kids to design something. If you have quite a few people to buy for or want to design more than one you can always buy them in bulk from Printsome.com

Bits and bobs tray

I picked this up from Card Factory, if you haven’t checked out their Father’s Day gift ideas range I really recommend you do. They have so many affordable yet really nice gifts for Dads. This tray was such a good idea because dads have always got bits lying around they are saving for ‘something’ haven’t they?


Whats a Father’s Day without a pair of socks?! It’s obligatory to buy them. The Shops are full of Father’s Day socks at the minute. They are just a nice cheap extra gift to give, Ava particularly likes the fact that daddy has daddy pig socks.

Fathers Day is on Sunday the 17th of June.

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  1. Aww haha these are so cute, such great finds! I love the Peppa Pig book, it really made me chuckle xD I’m planning on getting my dad the new Guardians of the Galaxy film, they are so hard to buy for! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

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