Little Loves In May

June 2, 2018

I love taking part and reading everyone’s little loves posts, It’s such a good way of finding new shows to watch, books to read and music to listen to. I’ll admit I found it difficult to keep up with doing these posts every month but thankfully Morgana (coffee,work,sleep,repeat) has changed them to monthly. So here are my little loves in May, if you have any suggestions for me for June I’d love to hear them.

The Green Parent and Breathe

Sooo technically I haven’t actually read these yet, but I am determined to do it this weekend. These magazines could not be further from my personality….I am neither a green parent or a calm person. I am always on the go, I never relax or take it easy and just lately psycho mum is in permanent residence. I have bought these magazines because I need to make a change, they represent the person I want to be, the person I know I can be if I stopped being a control freak and called the fuck down. Wish me luck!

The Greatest Showman

I finally got around to watching it, I was starting to feel like the only person in the world that hadn’t seen it! It lived up to all expectations and Zac Effron…..I don’t think I need to say anymore.

13 Reasons Why season 2 (Netflix)

I was so excited for this to come back, we loved the first season. I did wonder where they would take it after the first season but it was sooo good. The last episode is quite the shocker, we sat there open mouthed unable to take in what had just happened. I’m already looking forward to the next season.

The Rain (Netflix)

This was a random one that I kept seeing the advert for all over Facebook. I was intrigued and before you know it we had watched the entire show. I will say one thing though, it was originally recorded in Danish but it is dubbed with a somewhat questionable English(?) accent. Once you can look past that though, it’s a really good show and has already been commissioned for a second season.

The Split (BBC 1)

My god BBC make some good dramas these days don’t they? We loved The Split so much, we were completely hooked by the end of each episode. I can’t wait for the next series!

This month I made the decision to step back from blogging, well more specifically, paid blogging. This seems a little crazy since I have only recently gone self employed but I have been chasing those sponsored posts and pretty much burning out. I wasn’t getting chance to write any content that I wanted to write and that’s kinda the whole purpose of blogging isn’t it. So I have decided to be stricter on what sponsored work I take on. My goal is to work on campaigns with brands I love, not be working away all night on something I’m not particularly interested in just for a bit of cash. I’m claiming my evenings back!

I am totally obsessed with this playsuit I picked up for Ava from Next. I just wish they did an adult version, I love it so much.

Another shoutout to The Greatest Showman, I can not get enough of the soundtrack, it is amazing! I love every song on there and play it all the time, so much so that we caught Ava asking Alexa to play it haha! My current favourite A Million Dreams.

I couldn’t not mention little Poppy, she’s had quite the month. She turned 5 months, learnt to rollover and got her first tooth. She has also found her voice, which just so happens to be slightly demonic, I have no idea why my sweet little baby girl sounds like an extra on the walking dead.

I hope everyone has a lovely month, until next time…..


2 responses to “Little Loves In May”

  1. Clem says:

    Poppy is adorable! Well done on stepping back from blogging a little bit. You’ll enjoy it better if you enjoy what you do! Good luck with starting to be the person you want to be. It’s going to be challenging but very rewarding, I’m sure! Also, you were the not the only one who hasn’t seen The Greatest Showman, I still haven’t seen it yet. I must do though as everyone seems to love it!! Have a fabulous June, x

  2. I started the second season of 13 Reasons Why but found I wasn’t in the right frame of mind for it. I have a couple of friends whose daughters are struggling with their mental health so it felt a little too close to home. Hopefully I’ll pick it back up again in the future.
    Blogging for a living is so tricky isn’t it. I’ve been sticking to my guns more and been a lot more picky in who I work with.. I’m missing the money though! haha!
    Hope June is being good to you x

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