Sightings From ~ May In Photos

June 1, 2018

It feels like so long ago that I did a sightings from post, I’m really struggling to find time to blog at the minute. We had some really lovely outdoorsy days in May and took so many photos. I love doing these posts because it means I can post the pictures I wouldn’t necessarily post on my Instagram. Some of these photos were actually taken by my teenage son, he’s really taking an interest in photography which I just love and I hope he pursues it.

May was also the month that little Poppy turned 5 months, learnt to rollover AND got her first tooth, it’s been a busy one for her! Ava started an extra morning at nursery and she is really loving it, they focus so much on outdoor play and sensory play which I think is really important. Jack has been doing really well at school, teachers have rang my to say how well behaved he has been, and me and Andy celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.

Thanks to the lovely sunny weather, we have had lots of family days out. We have been to the farm, all of the parks including a new one local to us that which was so much fun, they are renovating the park closest to our house in the same way, I can’t wait! We had a day out at Trentham Monkey Forest and our local wildlife conservation, Ava had loads of fun splashing in the river. There was a day out at The Baby Show too where Ava stole the show and was chatting to all the people running stands. And I can’t talk about May without mentioning the Royal Wedding can I? Me and Ava watched it together, she was fascinated by all the goings on and we all loved our picnic tea to celebrate after.



I hope everyone has had a lovely month, until next time….


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  1. Hey 🙂 Such a wonderful post! You have a beautiful family! We also have girls the same age! Molly is 5 months too, 6 months this month!! <3

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