Me & Mine In May

May 31, 2018

This is my first time joining in with the Me & Mine project because quite frankly getting all 5 of us in the same place and all (kinda) looking at the camera is near on impossible. I really want to make more of an effort to get us all in the photo so I’ve decided to make it my mission to join in each month.

This months photo was taken at Trentham Monkey Forest, if you have never been, it’s a fab day out especially for animal loving little ones. The monkeys roam free around their enclosure and you can get super close to them, if you are lucky, one might even walk out right in front of you! We normally go at least once a year and it’s become a little tradition to get a photo in the same place. This year there was the addition of little Pops, albeit hiding in her pushchair but she’s there, we are all there, it’s not the best photo but I love it anyway.

May has been pretty action packed for us. We have been to Ash end Children’s Farm where Ava got to hold a tiny chick, collect her own egg from the egg boxes and sit on a pony. Ava is such a little animal lover. We of course went to Trentham Monkey Forest and followed that with a walk around Trentham gardens and a play on the amazing park there. The weather has been so nice, we have had plenty of trips to the park and even a splash in the river!

Me and Andy celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, well there wasn’t much celebrating going on as I had lost my voice! This month has also seen little baby Poppy turn 5 months, learn to roll over and get her first tooth. I can’t believe how quick the months are going. I’m really looking forward to our adventures next month and fingers crossed we get another family photo.

Amy x

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