Toddler Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

May 20, 2018
toddler girls bedroom decor ideas

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We have been planning to decorate Ava’s bedroom for a while now, infact we started it months ago and then Poppy arrived so we haven’t really had chance to finish it off. So far we have repainted it in the most gorgeous peachy pink farrow and ball colour (pink ground) and we have put up some little shelves above the girls beds (Poppy and Ava will eventually be sharing once Pops decides she likes to sleep at night). Other than that it looks a little bare and is in desperate need of some personality. I have been scouring pinterest and the internet for inspiration, here are some of my favourite toddler girls bedroom decor ideas.

Toddler Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

Wall Mural

I love the idea of a wall mural, they are a great way to create a eye catching feature wall. have some absolutely amazing, like really amazing ones. Ava would absolutley love the fairy garden and unicorn themed ones. There is something so magical about wall murals don’t you think? They really spark the imagination so they are a great option for little ones bedrooms.

Spotty stickers

I have seen so many pink bedrooms with beautiful gold spot decals cascading down a feature wall or even all over. Wall stickers are a fab quick and low budget way of redecorating a bedroom. My son used to have dinosaur wall stickers in his room which he loved and they really bought the theme of the room together.

Pretty in pink

For as long as I am in charge of decorating the girls room it will always be pink in some shape or form. I love the idea of creating a real girly princess bedroom, think bed canopys, twinkly lights and sparkles. Pinterest has so many cute ideas for this theme.

Scandi Style

I’ve recently fell in love with the new Scandi trend. I love the natural airy feel it has, it just looks so calming. I particularly love the new floor bed trend, I think they look so cute. I haven’t ruled out getting ones for the girls.

All things bright

A bright themed room is not for me, however, currently Ava would love it. She has become obsessed with all things rainbows and bright colours. I have found a night light that projects a rainbow across the ceiling so I think I’m going to get that for her as a subtle way to add rainbows into her room.

I will keep you all updated and do a room tour once the girls room is finished

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