How To Create The Perfect Family Room

May 14, 2018
How to create the perfect family room

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It doesn’t get any better than spending family time together. Whether you’re an active family who love to get outdoors on adventures, or are quite happy simply relaxing together at home, they’re always moments to treasure. When you are spending time at home, it’s lovely to have a space that you can all enjoy. It needs to be comfortable, relaxing and inviting for both parent and children. Not to forget family coming over to visit! Here’s some tips to create the perfect family room.

How To Create The Perfect Family Room

Family Photographs

What would a family room be without photographs of the family? An arrangement of captured memories makes it feel more homely. Find an area of the wall that looks a little bare and hang a photo gallery. Or, alternatively, you can opt to dot them around the room. Large canvases are common in family rooms, and they look great if they’re good quality.


Unnecessary mess will make the room feel untidy, plus make it much harder to keep clean. If you’re looking for a modern design, minimalism is key. See if you can move any unwanted knick-knacks into other rooms or find storage for them. Especially with summer coming up, you want your room to feel light and airy. Getting rid of clutter will definitely help to bring a summery vibe to your family room.

Dedicate a Play Area

If you’ve got young children, giving them an area to play works well for a number of reasons. For a start, it helps to keep the mess associated with play time in one area of the room. Secondly, it’s a good place to keep toys and gives them their own space within the family room. You can keep this area well-lit and comfortable; bean bags and blankets work wonders here.

A Comfy Sofa

When you’re hunkering down for a family movie night, you don’t want to be crammed onto uncomfortable seating. You’re likely to spend at least a couple of hours on there, so it’s best to be as comfortable as possible! If you like to put your feet up, a simple ottoman will work well. Plus, when you have extra guests, it can act as additional seating.

A Good TV

Like it or not, the television is a key factor in family rooms nowadays. The likelihood is that you and your family will want to watch TV together, and a good one makes the difference when it comes to picture and sound quality. Pair this with a good streaming service like Netflix, and you’re onto a winner.

Calming Décor

You want your family room to be relaxing, and a calming décor will do just that. Soothing, neutral colours will help to create a nice ambience. This can be from your walls to the furniture you use. Keeping it neutral means everyone is happy, and it’s unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon.


Your family room needs apt storage, especially if you’re looking to cut out the clutter as previously advised. You’ll have children’s toys that need putting away, as well as extra cushions and blankets for those colder evenings. If you do have an ottoman, this can act as extra storage. You can also buy TV stands and coffee tables with built-in storage, and install floating shelves if you’d like more.

how to create the perfect family room


The room needs to handle everything you and your family throw at it. For this reason, making sure it’s durable is crucial. Food, drinks, and arts and crafts – your family room will have to deal with a lot of potential mess. Choose flooring that will protect against spillages such as wood, tile or laminate flooring. Carpets are susceptible to staining, so they’re not the best idea when it comes to your family room.

Your family room will be a place to create memories as a family, so it’s important to get it right. How do you create the perfect family room?

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