5 Money Saving Tips For Stay At Home Mums

May 14, 2018
5 money saving tips for stay at home mums

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We made the decision that I would become a stay at home mum 3 years ago, back when I was pregnant with Ava. Whilst we worked out our finances carefully and knew living off one wage was perfectly sustainable, we also knew that to continue enjoying treats and holidays we would have to become money savvy. Over the past 3 years we have been managing living off one income comfortably, of course there are times when we struggle a bit such as Christmas but with some careful planning and saving it’s totally doable. Here are my top 5 money saving tips for stay at home mums.

5 Money Saving Tips For Stay At Home Mums

Meal Plan/ Be Shop Savvy

I am a big fan of meal planning and making a shopping list before heading out to do the weekly shop . By knowing exactly what you need to buy you won’t end up filling your trolley with unnecessary items and wasting money. You can also save money on the food shopping by buying stores own brands, often these are just as good if not better than the branded ones. I also like to save money by shopping around, often I will do the majority of my shop in Aldi, get the bits that Aldi don’t have from Tesco and finally Home Bargains for toiletries and cleaning products.

Free days out

Days out don’t need to cost the earth. Often the best days out are the impromptu trips to the park with a little picnic or the woodland walks where you can let your little ones run free and explore. And for the rainy days, don’t forget to check out museums as these are normally free or even pop down to the library. Our local library runs groups such as storytime throughout the week which the girls love.

Use loyalty cards/vouchers

You can pretty much get a loyalty card for everywhere these days, and whilst they may be a pain trying to fit them all in your purse they are worth having to save you money in the long run. My favourites are supermarket loyalty cards and Boots. Tesco clubcard is great for collecting points and using them towards days out or a nice meal out. I like to save my points throughout the year so spend at Christmas. On Dealsqueen, they have voucher codes for clothing, accessories, shoes, home decor, furniture, pet supplies etc.

Shop the sales

Ah I love a good bargain don’t you? I love shopping the Next sale and will often shop ahead and buy things in the next size up for the kids if I find something at a really good price. Sainsburys is one of my favourite places for sales shopping, every other month or so they have a week long 25% off clothing event which I always go to to stock up on clothes for the girls. They also have a yearly toy sale around October time, I always buy all the children’s Christmas presents at this one and use my saved loyalty points to make it even cheaper.

Pinterest is your friend

If you have never been on Pinterest you are missing out! Pinterest is a great resource for finding free activities to do with your little ones. There are hundreds of play ideas that can be done with household items and they are educational too. My little girl loves learning new things and often gets bored so finding free learning activities is a god send for us. I also love looking for sensory play ideas on there, again using household items to keep the cost down.

Do you have any good money saving tips? I’d love to hear from you in the comments


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