Four Years As Mr And Mrs Mighalls | 4th Wedding Anniversay

May 10, 2018

Today marks four years since we said I do and what a four years it has been! So so much has happened in those four years, we, like any couple, have had some pretty testing times but we have also had some absolutely amazing ones too. Since becoming husband and wife we have welcomed two little girlies to our family making us a family of 5, that still sounds weird saying it out loud, we are officially outnumbered by kids now!

Me and Andy have been together for over 9 years. He’s the man I want to grow old with, I’ve already planned our retirement and what our little country cottage will look like when we relocate to a quaint little village somewhere, yes I’m in it for the long haul.

Life has really tested us these last few years, I’m not going to go into to much detail but my mental health has had a big impact on us. Throughout it all though he has stood by me, he puts up with my crazy and that is no easy task! He supports all my mad business ideas, doesn’t tell me to shut up when I get verbal diarrhoea the second we get in bed, I’m sure he’d rather be kept awake other ways but he doesn’t complain. He makes me laugh even when I’m in the most foul mood, sat through all of Pretty Little Liars (yeah,sorry about that) with me and hasn’t yet complained that the house is slowly turning pink. Most importantly though he is an amazing step dad to my boy and the best daddy to my girlies. He watched me simultaneously push a baby out and shit myself…twice, yet somehow he still wants to have sex with me, if that doesn’t shout ‘he’s a keeper’ I don’t know what does!

I’m looking forward to our future together and seeing what new adventures it will hold, here’s to many many more anniversaries together <3


There is no one else I would rather sit in silence and look at my phone with, love you dickhead x

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  1. Luna says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both, sounds like you have a great bond together & he sounds like one of the good ones and they are few and far between these days. I hope you have many many more years together. A couple who plays together stays together as they say & after managing the whole of Pretty Little Liars he definitely deserves “something” haha as that was a tough slog by the end… how disappointing…

  2. Rebecca says:

    Happy Anniversary for yesterday, I am glad you managed to get through the testing times and sorry to hear that is was your mental health that contributed to those times. Next week is Mental Health Awareness week and im sure readers of your blog would be interested to read about your experiences in this and how it has affected your life and how you manage those issues etc.

  3. Luna says:

    I do have to admire you sharing your struggles as it takes a lot of guts to admit something like that and in an age of social media that is edited to only show peoples lives in the best light its refreshing to read posts that are so raw and real, warts and all. In such a throwaway and stressful generation its good to see you have lasted nearly 10 years together already and with the stresses of work, money, your mental health and children you have someone who it seems they have proved their commitment to keeping you happy through everything. Make sure you hold onto them because that is a rare quality these days I can tell you.

  4. Marlene says:

    As someone who struggled with my mental health for a long time before getting any sort of help I would recommend taking the steps to help you look after your mental health and make changes as soon as possible. When your mental health starts impacting on the lives of others it is no longer an internal struggle but an external battle and its ok to not be ok. Your partner sounds like they have been very understanding and accommodating but how much is too much? How long before you go too far? Everyone has a breaking point, even the most patient of people. Now you have children together that bond can never be broken but you have other lives to take care of now and you need to make sure that your own is in order too. You havent said any details about what you have done or said etc (for obvious reasons im sure) but it seems you have done enough to question if you have a mental health problem. Im glad you seem to be getting better control but you have to make sure you take care of yourself and be mindful of others involved and their feelings too and how your mental health effects them.

  5. Kissa says:

    Was reading through some of your posts (ive read a lot) & came across this one and wanted to say well done for reaching nearly 5 years of marriage (by time ive seen this) and through everything you sound stronger than ever. Not to mention hitting the 10 year mark together next year is some achievement in itself.

    It can be so hard when there has always been a child in your life together, unlike most relationships you (like myself) missed out on that proper honeymoon period together and ended up being responsible for both raising a child together from the get go and that can be very tough too. Hard enough to keep things exciting and varied and hitting the point where you are outnumbered by children is enough to fuel anyones anxiety so I applaud you for hard work in maintaining everything.

  6. April says:

    Congrats on hitting 5 years this year, was browsing around site (new theme looks good) and came across this post. Recently celebrated 11 years of marriage myself and I too have always suffered from mental health issues from anxiety to panic attacks.

    For years I was paranoid my partner would leave me even though he has never given me a single reason to think this and it meant we didnt get married for ages because I was afraid to make that leap. I kept telling myself that married lives were boring and predictable and he would get bored of the same routine and leave me.

    At the time we had a friend who had left every partner he ever had and I asked him why he left them to see if I could avoid the same happening to me and what he said stuck in my mind forever. He said that as soon as people got comfortable they simply stopped putting as much effort into each other & spontaneous actions went out of the window and all his relationships just wound down.

    With his tongue placed firmly in cheek the statement he said that I wont forget was ‘Side chicks suck d***’ & thats why people end up cheating. Because they can get something from someone else that you arent giving them, whether this is emotional or physical it doesnt matter. So I aimed to make sure my husband and I continued that honeymoon young period as long as we could and so far so good. Doesnt matter how old you are keep things fun and exciting and you will be together forever.

    All the best

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