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May 1, 2018



our home renovations plans

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We are coming up on our 6 year anniversary of buying our first home. In that time it has saw many changes, not to mention the arrival of two beautiful little girls. When we first moved in, the house needed quite a lot of modernising which we quickly got to work on. Since then however it’s fair to say we have slacked. Well not slacked as such, we got married, honeymooned and had 2 babies so the pot ran a little dry for our home renovation plans. 2018 is the year we finally show the house a little love. There are a couple of big jobs that need doing before they become problems and some major rubbish removal required. With a bit of solid saving we should be able to get everything that needs doing done. Here’s what we are planning to do:

Home Renovation Plans 2018


Operation Declutter

I feel like I spend my life decluttering! Rubbish removal is top of the priority list before any big projects get tackled. I need to do a big clear out once and for all and not just of pointless tat either. We have left over bricks and rabbit hutches in the garden (our rabbit passed last year!) not to mention a shed full of stuff. Somewhere along the line we have picked up hoarding tendencies! We are going to need to hire a company for our rubbish removal and Clearabee fit the bill perfectly. The great thing about Clearabee is that they focus on keeping as much rubbish out of landfill as they can, preferring to sort through and recycle wherever possible. They are the UK’s largest man and van waste carrier service, employ trusted people who do the hard work loading the van for you and offer same day pick up.

New Roof And Loft Insulation

Our roof and loft have needed doing since we moved in really, but as it’s such a big job we have been putting it off. It’s at the point now though where unless we do something it’s going to start causing us some major problems. Our ‘loft boards’ are actually just a couple of old interior doors, there is no air brick so mould has started forming, all the lining of tiles has pretty much disintegrated and old insulation lies rolled up not doing a great deal of insulating! We plan to tackle the rubbish removal head on, completely gut it and then get a professional out to asses if we need an entire new roof or if it can be saved. We have a slight mould issue in our house and I’m pretty certain the loft is causing the majority of our problems.

New Windows

Again I am pretty certain our windows contribute to the mould issue because they are an absolute bodge job! There are gaps under windowsills, broken catches and non existent seals. I think new windows would make a massive difference to our house especially in the winter.

Bathroom Makeover

I have spoke about our dodgy bathroom and how it needs updating here. It is in serious need of an image overhaul. We would like to do some major building work in the bathroom but that is not a priority right now, an interiors makeover will suffice.

General Tidy

As I said above rubbish removal is very much needed as well as general tidying, decluttering and paint touch ups. A house with 3 children collects a lot of stuff and quickly starts looking tatty with scuffed paintwork. Once the main work is done I will get stuck in prettying the place up, my favourite bit!

Do you have any home renovation plans this year?





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