3 Ways to Squeeze More From Your Family Travel Budget

April 13, 2018

Summer’s coming and if you’re like most families your feet will be itching with the desire to get away to warmer climates and enjoy quality time with your family.  With the diminished value of the pound, travel abroad has become much more expensive in the past few years meaning many families are becoming more budget conscious. That’s not to say people have stopped visiting their luxurious property in the south of france, for instance, it’s just that families are more mindful of keeping the cost of travel down in order to squeeze the most from their strained travel budget. Europe is clearly a lot more expensive than it once was for us Brits, America has caught up after that golden period where it was $2 to £1, and even South East Asian countries such as Thailand and Laos are becoming significantly more expensive to those of us that earn in British Pounds. There are ways to squeeze more from your family travel budget, her are my top three:

3 Ways to Squeeze More From Your Family Travel Budget


There are many comparison sites like travelsupermarket.com that compare hotel listings from multiple providers, in a similar way to how car insurance price comparison sites find quotes on different insurance policies.  The best thing about these sites is that they search through hundreds of properties on multiple websites. As an example, let’s say the ABC Hotel is $89 on Expedia but only $64 on Hotels.com – it will show you the price difference; meaning you can quickly and easily get the same hotel at the lowest possible price.


Similar to the above, there are a number of car hire comparison websites that will search for the best deal on car hire. Many will offer the additional benefit of free cancellation which can be very helpful in the event of a change of plans. The one thing to consider here is that many car hire companies won’t accept debit cards – they require credit cards to secure the deposit. Often however, particularly with the cheaper car hire companies, such as Goldcar in Italy and Spain the deposit will be upward of £1,000. If you don’t have the funds available then the car hire company will most likely decline the hire but you will still have to pay for the car. For this reason, it can sometimes be a safer bet to go with a company like Avis, who tend to require just a £200 deposit and have a more reliable reputation in terms of customer service than some of their cheaper competitors.  They also tend to provide cars that are less than six months old, which is something many families consider to be important given the safety and reliability aspect.


If you’re looking to travel internationally, then flights can take a large chunk of money from your travel fund. However, if you can be flexible with your flight dates then searching for cheap flights via comparison engines such as skyscanner or the Google Flights app that compare hundreds of flights by almost every airline in the world to present you with the cheapest deals for the dates and destinations you are looking for can save you a heap of cash.

In summary, the more you save on the big expenses such as flights, car hire and accommodation the more you’ll have to spend on the trip itself which is helpful given the increased cost of travel nowadays, particularly as a family. I personally love going on excursions to get the most out of my holiday. With these three ways to squeeze more from your family travel budget there will be plenty of money left over to really enjoy your holiday.


What are your family holiday plans this year?

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